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Fallout – A futuristic Roll Playing Computer Video Game

For serious video gamers, the Fallout series is like the Holy Grail of video games. Set in the futuristic 22nd and 23rd centuries, this video game lets you see the world far in the future based on what the current worlds political scenario is.

It’s an open world, role-playing video game series initially published by Interplay and later by Bethesda Softworks. The game is set in post-apocalyptic United States after a deadly nuclear war between the U.S and China that wiped out most of the life from Earth. Now our Earth is just a barren wasteland. The series has a total of five parts and other spin-offs as well.  The game takes place after the deadly war and each Fallout part has different storyline.

Backdrop of the Fallout Series

Inspired by the current situation of the world, the Fallout predicts the world where a nuclear war can wipe out all of humanity from the face of the Earth. Like the current tension between the U.S and China, the game follows the storyline that shows how the energy and resource crises can lead to a World War. This leads to China invading Alaska and U.S retaliates by invading China. Soon the nuclear weapons start flying everywhere and within two hours the world becomes a wasteland.

The game follows the consequences of the war and how the world is fairing after it. One of the key elements of the game is the vaults that were constructed as a part of experiment by the U. S government and as a survival tactic. The game is set in a 1950’s setting where technological advancement led to the development of a lot of futuristic weapons and inventions including robots. 

 Fallout 1

Released in 1997, Fallout is the first instalment in this popular video game series. The story of the Fallout follows the protagonist tasked with the mission to replace the broken water chip in their home, which is a vault named Vault 13. They have 150 in-game days to complete the task or else the people living in the vaults will die. If the players successfully replace the chip then they next have to destroy the Masters and its army of Super Mutants. The game ends with two possible consequences for the players. If the players destroy the Master and the base, overseer fearing the influence they may have on the other members of the vault may exile the player. In the second ending if the player has the Bloody Mess perk or has enough negative karma then they can kill the overseer. 

Fallout 2

Fallout 2 was released in 1998 and takes place after 80 years of first game event. Here the story is taken forward by the descendants of the first protagonist. They are trying to save their town of Arroyo by retrieving a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK). The GECK is supposed to be hidden in Vault 13. The Vault 13 is empty though. When they return to their town they find that the people had been captured by the Enclave (remnants of the U.S government). Later it is revealed that the Vault dwellers are being used for the F.E.V testing. The players need to rescue both the dwellers of the vault and inhabitants of the town. The game ends with the killing of   United States President Dick Richardson and Frank Horrigan.


Fallout 3

Fallout 3 was released in 2008 and comes with new advanced features. It was the first one in the series to have been realized on multiple platforms. For the first time Fallout was available in a 3D game world, first person viewpoint, real-time combat, but retained most of the elements of the previous versions. Fallout 3 also follows a main story as well as several other subplots. The main story has the players cross the Capital Wasteland as a 101 dweller in search of their farther who left the vault suddenly without any explanation. The five pieces of DLC were released for Fallout 3: The first one is Operation Anchorage, the second one is The Pitt”, the third one is "Broken Steel", the fourth one is "Point Lookout”, and the fifth and final one is "Mothership Zeta", which takes place on an alien space ship.

Fallout: New Vegas

Released in 2010, Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The story follows the players crossing the Mojave Wasteland as a courier and is shot in the head at the start of the game. The shooter takes away the package and the players have to track down both the man and the package.   

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was released in 2015 by the Bethesda Game Studios and produced by Bethesda Softworks. This part takes the game series to a whole new level and there is a huge upgrade in the style, weaponry and location. The story happens in the greater metropolitan area of Boston, known as The Commonwealth. As a sole survivor, the player enters vault 111 in 2077 during the Great War and after some mysterious events wakes up 200 years later as the only survivor of the vault. 

The Fallout video game series has given the world a realistic war like role playing based on the current political scenario. The storyline and the action both have generated a wide number of players and fans around the world. The series has definitely inspired a number of merchandise including some of the most amazing t-shirt designs.


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