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Harry Potter – Magic, Love and The Downfall of Evil

Harry Potter is the bestselling book series in all of history with more than 500 million copies already sold around the world. It is also one of the largest franchises with eight highest grossing movies, merchandise, video games, and a whole website dedicated to the magical world.

The Harry Potter series has inspired a plethora of interesting things from the t-shirt designs to cakes to derivative works to travelling exhibition. The fantasy world that existed in books is recreated in the real world by fans in the real world. You can buy flying brooms (they do not fly, and is not for sweeping the floor either), hats, uniforms, trunks, cauldrons, magic wands and so many others things.

What fascinated the world? The story of a Boy wizard has captured the imagination of millions of readers and viewers around the world.

The Boy Who Lived…

The story starts with a little boy who has recently survived a great tragedy and is left at the doorstep of his aunt, who really hates him. The boy will grow up to be famous, but he is unaware of it for now. On his 11th birthday, he gets a letter from an unknown person who knows where he exactly sleeps – in the cupboard under the stairs. But, before he can open the letter, his uncle and aunt snatch it away from him. There is definitely something they are hiding from him. The letters keep coming on or the other way as if determined to find Harry despite the best efforts of his aunt and uncle to block them.

They travel to a secluded pace in the middle of the sea with a raging storm. But, someone followed them there too. A giant enters the house and let’s loose the Magical World that Harry has never known, where everyone knows him as the boy who lived.

The World of Magic                                 

Harry Potter learns he is a wizard and is invited to join the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Soon Harry discovers the secret world of wizards away from the eyes of the muggles – the non-magical people. Here he learns he is famous, but why?

Rubeas Hagrid, the part giant that came to fetch him tells him why. More than 11 years ago a dark wizard called Lord Voldermort wanted to kill him, but Harry survived and that is why he is famous. This revelation doesn’t make any sense to Harry then. He is busy discovering the new magical world where there are Goblins, a wizard bank, a secret passageway, a place where he can buy magical wands, spell books, flying broomsticks, and even an owl. He makes two great friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who stick with him till the end. If Diagon Alley was magical, the Hogwarts castle was beyond his imagination. He is sorted into one of the magical houses, Gryffindor. During the next six years he learns about magic and everything that this world has to offer. His mortal enemy Lord Voldermort is not dead but is back again in his very first year. But Harry thwarts him. They meet again in the second year and once again thwart him.

In his fifth year he learns why the dark wizard Lord Voldermort wanted to kill him – (spoiler alert) – a prophecy has been made before Harry was born that he might be the one to defeat the dark Lord. In the final book he does defeat him.

Harry Potter Magic

Harry Potter has brought back the craze for book reading. The movies were received as well as the books. Beyond the magic, action, drama and evil, Harry Potter teaches us the power of love. It was love that saved Harry Potter when he was a baby and it was love that helped him defeat the most powerful wizard in the world.

For the die-hard fans of the Harry Potter series there are numerous t-shirt designs for you.


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