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Mad Max – Recap of a Dystopian Action Film

Mad Max is a popular dystopian action movie franchise. The series has many movies under its name and has a cult like following. Initially, the movie did not receive the popular vote, but after a while it gained both popularity and critical acclaim.

The series deals with issues in a futuristic world like the societal collapse, extreme violence, murder, and vengeance. Set in Australia, the first movie of the series tells the tale a vengeful policeman named Max who becomes mad in his pursuit of justice and revenge while getting involved with a vicious motorcycle gang. The movie is first in the series and has other three sequels Mad Max 2 (1981), Beyond Thunderdome (1985), and Fury Road (2015).

Mad Max series has a huge fan following and has inspired various merchandise including T-shirts. If you are a fan of the series don’t forget to spot one t-shirt designs when you go watch its next release in the series in the near future.

Here is a recap of the Mad Max

The movie is set in Australia in a near future. There is fuel scarcity and law. But the order has taken a backseat. There is breakdown of the society. One rogue motorcycle gang member Crawford "Nightrider" Montizano is fleeing from police custody with his girlfriend in a MFP Pursuit Special vehicle. Unfortunately for him he is being chased by MFP's "top pursuit man" Max Rockatansky played by Mel Gibson. Being an expert driver he pursues and manages to chase down Nightrider in a adrenaline filled chase which results in a violent car crash and the Nightrider and the woman die in that freak car crash.

But his gang members are still active. They go on rampage in the town vandalizing properties, stealing and terrorizing people of the town. At one point they trap a young couple in the car and it is implied that they sexually abuse the couple. Max arrives with his partner Goose and is able to arrest two of the gang members – Toecutter and Johnny the Boy. However, neither the couple nor the town people come to trail as witness and the case is set aside as no contest.  

After they are left off Johnny and Toecutter plan an ambush on officer Goose where they sabotage his MFP motorcycle which results in Goose getting thrown of his bike. He takes the help of ute to bring back his bike to life. However, Johnny and Toecutter again attack but this time break his windshield making Goose go off the road. The petrol is leaking out of the ute and they set it on fire. Goose survives but he is badly injured. This makes Max angry and mad and he decides to quit fearing he may become as savage as the gang. But Fifi asks him to take a vacation before resigning.

But the holiday does not bring any peace. While he is holidaying with his wife Jessie and their son, they come face to face with gang. This time his wife and son cross path with the gang first. They try to molest Jessie in the shop while Max is busy fixing the tire at some distance. She manages to flee but the gang members catch up with them. While Max is away, Jessie again tries to flee with her son but this time they are run down by the gang as Max arrives too late to help them.

This finally drives Max into madness. The rage finally gets better of him and he dons his police leathers once again and goes in pursuit of the gang in his super powerful black Pursuit Special. Max systematically hunts down the gang members one by one and kills them by shooting them, throwing them under the truck, forcing them off a bridge and in case of Johnny the Boy, Max handcuffs Johnny's ankle to the wrecked vehicle and sets a crude time-delay fuse. Max leaves Johnny with the option of either sawing his handcuff hands or ankle to go free. The vehicle explodes as Max drives away becoming the Mad Max ultimately.

Mad Max is a story of revenge, rage and injustice that is caused by rogue people. It completely drives the point home that sometimes situations can go out of hand and it can drive even a perfectly sane man into madness.


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