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Memorable Characters of the First-Generation Pokémon from Kanto

Pokémon is a media franchise, an association of companies of Nintendo, Game Freaks and Creatures. What started off as video games in 1996 has now grown into a billion-dollar franchise with games, animation series, movies, comic books, toys and other merchandise. Pokémon now has a worldwide fan following and is one of the largest and bestselling video franchises in the world. 


Pokémon has many characters that span several generations. But, the original characters from the Generation one Pokémon species are very popular and still feature in several of its merchandise including t-shirts. The first generation characters like the Snorlax, Gengar, Meowth, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander have appeared in the first videos games, and still continue to be featured in the latest video games, animation series, movies and comic books. They are still remembered with fondness and nostalgia by the earlier fans that started playing the Pokémon video games and later returned to its other varieties. Pokémon has developed into pop culture in Japan over the years and its influence can be seen through the popularity of its merchandise as well as its use in various public places like theme parks, buildings and even airplanes.


From the original Game series Pokémon Red and Green to the New and controversial Pokémon Go, some of the characters have become popular as well as dear to the fans. Here are some of the most interesting characters from the Generation one or the Original Pokémon series:


  1. Snorlax




This cute litter bunny (not bunny exactly) was introduced in the Generation one Pokémon videos game series. It has a huge body with cream-colored face, belly and feet while the rest of the body is blue-green. Like its body its head is huge too with pointed ears and two pointed teeth. Snorlax is often found in the mountains and forest and all it does is eat and sleep. It can eat anything even moldy food without getting sick. It is super docile meaning children can bounce off its large belly. It first appeared in the videos game red and blue and its main task was to act as a roadblock in the Kanto region of the Pokémon universe. Likewise, it has also been featured in many animation series as a supporting character.


It structure and build has made it one of the popular Pokémon characters and it is frequently featured in merchandise like t-shirts.


  1. Gengar


Gengar is another popular Generation One Pokémon species which popularly featured in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It first appeared in the original Pokémon video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequently featured in movies, anime series, spin-offs, comics and other franchise over the years. Gengar is more popular with older male children. It has dark-purple roundish body with hands and legs. Its most distinctive features are its spike-covered back and eyes which burn red and give it a sinister appearance. Also, it has a very wicked grin- a trademark of the character. It mostly lives in shadows of caves and dark places and sometimes it likes to pretend to be someone else’s shadow for fun sake. Stealing heat from the surrounding areas is one of its main powers.


  1. Meowth


Described by critics as adorable and lovable, Meowth is another Pokémon franchise earliest character that is still loved today. It too started its journey from the Pokémon Red and Blue videos games and still features in movies, anime series, sin-ff games and other merchandise. It is highly speculated that it is based on the maneki-neko, a cat shaped figurine that brings charm and good luck. Meowth is known for its feline features like a house cat. It has cream-colored fur and oval-shaped head with prominent whiskers. They are very popular t-shirt designs and frequently feature in other merchandise as well.




  1. Pikachu


This is most popular and beloved Pokémon First Generation species with its short, chubby body and yellow fur with 2 brown stripes on the back. The most notable feature of Pikachu are the cheeks where it stores electricity. They are basically made of electricity and can discharge electricity of various intensities. They are often groomed by the humans and used for sports. Of all the original Pokémon species, Pikachu is the most popular. It even serves as the mascot for the Nintendo.





  1. Squirtle


This is a water type Pokémon which was a part of the original Generation one Pokémon. Its original name was Zenigame which was later changed to Squirtle to give it a distinct name and make it more appealing to the western viewers. Its appearance resembles a turtle and the name perfectly sums that up. Its appearance is of light blue turtle and walks on its two legs. Its shell is brown and pale yellow in color and like the turtles it also uses its shell to remain safe. It is one of the popular Pokémon characters which still features in videos games, anime series, movies and other merchandise. Its t-shirts are popular too and Squirtle is most loved by the children.

  1. Charmander


Charmander is again one of the popular and most loved original Pokémon species from the Kanto regions in Pokémon universe. This adorable Pokémon is reptilian in nature with an orange body, cream color chest and lower body. It has fangs, and blue eyes. Its tails are the most distinctive part of the body as it burns at the tip of it. When the fires burn bright it indicates that it’s strong and when it starts to fade it shows its getting weak. It has too featured in the original Pokémon video games and merchandise like t-shirts.



The Pokémon universe is vast, interesting and varied. With more than 150 Pokémon species, it is a universe that has fascinated fans from all around the world. Those who grew up with Generation one Pokémon species in the video games still love them in anime series, movies and most of all merchandise. Grab a t-shirts of your favorite Pokémon today! 


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