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One-Punch Man – Rise of a new Anime Superhero

The world always needs a SUPERHERO, at least the comic book and anime worlds do.

One-Punch Man was a surprise hit that took the world by storm. An extremely powerful superhero who demolishes his enemies as easily as you would destroy a sand castle with just One Punch. What started off as a parody web-comic, One Punch Man soon became a part of digital manga remake on Shueisha's Young Jump Web Comics site in 2012. Then came the anime adaptation in 2015 and it garnered even more viewers as well as praise. It soon made its way to the mainstream anime list. From Japan to USA, it has made its presence felt. Now, you know that its merchandise is likely to sell like anything. It is safe to say that One Punch Man is your next generation superhero with a potential to become the next Amazing Spider Man or Thor.

The story follows the life of Saitama a former salary man who decides to become a superhero after he unintentionally saves a kid from a humanoid crab monster. He takes the role of a superhero as a hobby. And all he needs is a single punch to defeat all his enemies. After a while he gets bored of defeating the odd enemies in monstrous forms without much effort and starts looking for new adventures, a new opponent who for once will give him a competition. He decides to become an officially sanctioned hero under the Hero Association. But this does not go well as he is not as respected as he wants to be. He does not take the credit for all his work because of his humility so he is misunderstood then. He is more powerful than anyone in the association as well and he also has to fight through the sluggish bureaucracy that becomes increasingly jealous of Saitama as he quickly makes his way to the top. But soon the association and the world he lives in will realize his true potential.

punch is coming

Many describe One Punch Man as a combined parody of the Shonen heroes like the Naruto, Dragon Ball Z or Bleach. The protagonist Saitama is nothing like the comic book superheroes though. He is strong and powerful and cannot lose. But, he is also humble, stoic and somewhat boring and that’s what drives the entire story. Since there is no one to beat him he sets out to seek new adventure and challenges. Unlike the other anime superhero series, the story of One Punch Man is less complex and draining but there is no dearth of action and drama. This is a superhero many want on their T-shirts as he symbolizes strength, character, humility and hard work. Add comedy to it and you have a whole package. He is a hero who can destroy enemies even 100 times larger than himself, but he can also do some grocery shopping as well. No, he is not spoiled. He didn’t get his superpower through some miracle at birth or lucky accident. He earned it through his hard work and passion which cost him his hair (comic relief).


Just like any other superhero, your One-Punch Man Saitama has a sidekick Genos a cyborg. It supports him, enlightens him, it’s always there with Saitama and sometimes irritates Saitama to the point that he bursts out "Enough you idiot! Shorten it to 20 words or less” - This is a punch line that never gets old. What also sets Saitama apart from other anime heroes is that basically he is a demi-god with immense power that no one can beat. There is no competition at all. He can just end the fight with a punch and that One Punch is also the punch line of the series as well. As the story unfolds the readers/viewers get to know that Saitama works out daily - 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer run. He is not the average superhero who does not need to work out to stay powerful. These are some of the things that make the series funny as well.

One Punch University

One Man Punch is also known for its lively animation with the industry's best animators working for it. The beautifully animated action sequence used in the series is one of the main attractions - like when the things that get punched extremely hard. The impressive animation stands out among the other action hero anime series and makes each action scene even better than the last one. The credit for the exceptional animation goes to the Madhouse that has created such candid moments and cool characters in an unbelievable low budget.

One -Punch Man is a breath of fresh air for the anime superhero lovers. It is both a treat to the readers and anime series watchers. You can watch it on Netflix, Daisuki and Hulu streaming services.

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