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Rick and Morty – A Lot of Science, Adventure and Discoveries

Ricky and Morty is a popular science fiction animated series for adults. It is a highly acclaimed sci-fi series widely appreciated for its original writing, tongue-in-cheek humor and creativity. Just like the other popular animated series Rick and Morty has a huge fan following and its merchandise like t-shirts are very popular among the cartoon lovers.

The story revolves around a seemingly dysfunctional family in multiverse settings. The show perfectly combines the typical family drama with the science fiction creating a very dynamic and adventure filled storyline.  At the center of the story is the eccentric, mad scientist Rick Sanchez who appears suddenly at the house of his daughter Beth after 14 years.  He is known to develop mysterious projects and take his grandson Morty, another protagonist of the show, on dangerous adventures throughout the multiverse. Morty’s Father Jerry does not approve of the influence Rick has on his son as an extension to his daughter summer. Beth is ok with her father’s behavior and this drives a wedge between Beth and Jerry, both of whom seems to be in a strained marriage anyway.

For science fiction lovers, this show is nothing short of a dream come true. The series explores the concept of multiple universes, dimensions, space-time and so many others things. Rick as an eccentric scientist is the most revered character of the series showing no inclination towards the human feelings like love and he is constantly destroying and creating things for the greater good or scientific discoveries. In his process he puts his grandchildren’s life in danger.  On some universe Rick is killed or dead for some reason and so are Morty and other members of his family. Morty, the ever intrigued grandson is somewhat opposite of his peculiar grandfather and that is what clicks between them. They are like R2D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars. His innocence, sense of right and wrong acts has counterpoint to Rick’s somewhat sinister and erratic behavior and plans. The show has made a connection with the audiences and despite being an anime its portrayal of the popular scientific theories like existence of multiple universes and other dimensions has largely been appreciated.

It is a double treat for the science geeks and sci-fi anime lovers. The animation has a great similarity with that of The Simpsons, a fact the show creators have themselves acknowledged. All the characters have cartoony finish and add to the authenticity of the animated character.  The ironic sense of humour goes perfectly with the entire animation creation and background scores. Not just that this “cartoony” animation is popular choice for the Rick and Morty theme t-shirt designs. Whether it’s Rick himself in dangerous all black silhouette against the green-black background or the sweet and witty Summer in green assemble, its t-shirts are very popular. 

Rick and Morty has been regarded as the Cult TV Series in the animated sci-fi theme. It has perfectly combined the scientific world and core human behaviour and with a touch of some ironic humor and storyline that seems so real. It is the ultimate science fiction animation series.


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