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Top 7 Horror Movies and the Unforgettable Characters

Horror movies are one of the favorite genres. There have been some exceptional horror movies remembered even today while others fell flat in the box office. Even the easily scared person cannot claim they haven’t seen one horror movie in their life.  

There is nothing much to say why people love horror movies. It is obvious that all the suspense, drama, story, and most of all the antagonist or the ghost ( good or bad) add up to make a movie that fills you with thrills.

The most memorable part of the horror movies is the ghost or the main antagonist of course. Some characters live in the memory of the viewers forever. Here we are going to discuss some of the top seven horror movies with the main character in each one of them. And, if it is not too spooky for you, you can wear a t-shirt with the design of your favorite horror movie character in it.

  1. Freddy Krueger - Nightmare on Elm Street series

Freddy Krueger is the main antagonist of the popular 1984 horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street series.  Born out of brutal gang-rape of a nun in a mental asylum, Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger was raised by an alcoholic and abusive foster father and was heavily bullied in school. He kills his foster father with a razor when he was beating him and later used the same technique to kill the children of his former schoolmates, who bullied him at school. Behind the loving husband and father lay a demon and he was caught after killing twenty children in Springwood earning him the name of “Springwood Slasher”. But he was released on a technicality which enrages the parents of the victims. They confront him in the power plant where he once worked and burn him alive. He makes a devil’s pact with the Dream Demon, which would allow him to enter the dreams of the victim and kill them in it, the same would happen in the real world.

  1. Chucky - Child's Play horror film series

Child’s Play is a popular horror movie with several movies in the series already released. It is a story about the soul of a robber Charles Lee Ray getting transferred into a Good Guy doll through Voodoo. After a failed robbery Charles is left alone to die by his partner. As he stumbles upon a toy store, he decides to transfer his soul into a doll. The doll known as Chucky is bought by Karen for his son Andy. Chucky being a doll but with strength of a grown man, kills his aunt and subsequently tries to kill Andy too. As no one believes that a doll could talk or kill, the movie revolves around the story of how the doll manages to manipulate people especially children while he goes into a killing spree. Chucky can only be killed by shooting him in the heart.

  1. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th Movie series)

Jason Voorhees is the main antagonist in the popular horror movie series Friday the 13th. The first time Jason is introduced it is as a young boy with severe facial deformity which makes his mother keep him away from others fearing they would bully him. One day when she is unable to find a babysitter she decides to take him to the camp where school children have gathered. She worked as a cook there. The kids discover Jason and make fun of him and bully him. They throw him into the water and he drowns but his body is never found. Jason’s mother kills the counselors who were supposed to be watching the kids. After waiting 21 long years to be discovered by his mother, Jason discovers that his mother has been murdered. Now he is on the path for revenge and so begins the mass killing spree. This mass killing of the people who ever enters the camp is the main theme behind the movie series.

  1. Michael Myers (Halloween Film Series)

Michael Myers is the main antagonist and character in the Halloween movie series. He has featured in almost all the movies in the series. Described as psychotic, possession of supernatural power and lust for killing, Michael Myers is on the path to kill his own family. When he was six years old he kills his older sister Judith. He is admitted to the mental asylum, but he breaks free and after 15 years come back to kill the rest of the members of his own family. He had visions when he was younger about some incidents that happened centuries ago on the night of Halloween.

  1. Leatherface (Leatherface Movie)

Leatherface is the central character of the top rated horror movie of the same name. The main antagonist wears a mask made of human skin hence the name. Leatherface has established himself as one of the iconic horror villains. He is known to use chainsaws and sledgehammers to kill people. The mask represents his personality and apart from murder he also engages in cannibalism along with his inbred family. Inspired by the real-life body snatcher, the character has and his family has ranked high in the list of psychotic killers.

  1. It (2017 Film )

It is a 2017 horror movie based on the popular Stephen Kings’ book and 1990 TV series of the same name. It revolves around the group of preteens who take on the monster – a shape shifting entity responsible for the killing and disappearance of dozens of children in the town. The demon simply known as It can transform into the victim’s fears and torment them. It has the ability to manipulate and disguise itself into different forms thus making it tough to identify or catch him.

  1. Pinhead ( Hellraiser series)

Helraiser is one of the most popular horror movie series. Pinhead is the Hell Priest or the leader of the Cenobites in the Order of the Gash and the main antagonist of the Hellraiser series. They were formally humans but now reside in extra-dimensional realm. They travel to earth with the purpose of harvesting human souls. They travel from one dimension to another through a puzzle box called the Lament Configuration. They have has different roles in the series with some considering them bad while other good.

Do you agree that these are the top 7 horror movie characters? If not, who did we miss?  Go ahead and leave us a comment below!


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