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Wonder Woman - A symbol of female empowerment

Wonder Woman - A symbol of female empowerment

Posted by Elijah Canfield on

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero of the DC Comics on par with popular world-saving superheroes like Superman and Batman. She is one of the few female superheroes that enjoy so much popularity in the mainstream comic books history. If you are one of those fans who are excited about the new Wonder Woman movie releasing in 2017, we have a wonderful, new collection of Wonder Woman t-shirts.


Wonder Woman was created in 1941 and since then her representation both in comics and movies have changed considerably. You will find a great variety of print designs in t-shirts - from the classic prints to the new, ultra-modern Wonder Woman print. Wearing a t-shirt with your favorite comic character on it is so cool and like her male counterparts Superman, Spiderman, Batman and others, she is also widely popular with both men and women.




The background story of our Super heroine is very interesting. Even though people have heard a lot about her, not many of them know who she is actually and where she comes from. Every super hero has a secret identity and past life not known to others. Your Wonder Woman was originally born as Princess Diana of Themyscira, previously known as Paradise Island, home to Amazon people. She is a Demigod with Greek God Zeus as her father. Amazon is a race of women who are basically warriors and live free of men. Her mother is the Queen Hippolyta, which makes her Princess of the Amazons. After killing the God of War, Ares, she earned the title of Goddess of War. Like all the superheroes she has special powers hidden in accessories she wears like the bracelet which keeps her power in check, Lasso of Truth that forces a person to tell the truth, Sandals of Hermes that allows her to traverse great distances in seconds. She was sent in the Man's world to aid in saving the humanity and bringing peace to the world.


If you love the depiction of Wonder Woman as a symbol of justice, equality, strength, charm, beauty, power, empowerment, wisdom and courage, then you are going to love our newest T-shirt designs. They come in vibrant colors, interesting quotes and animated Wonder Woman print. If you are a fan of the original Wonder Woman comics, then we have Wonder Woman t-shirts in classic designs in attractive red and yellow print. The Princess depicts the Wonder Woman in graceful yet powerful silhouette with bellowing hair and combination of lively colors.




Love the Powerful and strong Wonder Woman persona? The Amazon Fitness is just the design you need to feel motivated to get and stay fit. The vibrant red and yellow shades make for the perfect print on various colored t-shirts. I protect this City - WW is the classic Wonder Woman print. The PoW theme is perfect for who stand and believe in women empowerment and does not shy away from showing it. It comes with eye-catching PoW designs in Yellow color against the vibrant red background.


Wonder Woman has won many hearts and is one of the earliest female superheroes. She is everything the world needs today Power, wisdom, grace, strength, sense of justice and standing for what is right. With the new Wonder Woman Movie, now is the time to grab your favorite Wonder Woman t-shirt.

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