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Interested in joining our group of talented artists?

Step 1: Read below for the process and our design guidelines.

Step 2: Email us at hello@popuptee.com letting us know you are interested in joining. Include a link to your online portfolio and/or a collage of your designs. 

Step 3: We will review your designs and decide if we feel they will resonate with our fan base. If it's a yes then we'll invite you to join our private group that we use to communicate. You will also be invited to send us your designs for us to upload into your personal artist collection.

We pay $1.00 (USD) for each item sold. Payment is via PayPal and you will get paid for the prior months sales by the 5th of the following month. ex) On October 3rd you would be paid for all sale from September 1st - 30th. 


We handle everything for you, from uploading your designs to printing, shipping and customer service. You will retain full rights to your images. If you decide to participate in our themed sales then we will use our marketing budget to promote your design, otherwise your designs will be available but without any marketing spend.  At this time we do not have an artist portal, but you are welcome to request your sales status at any time. We hope to add a portal within the next few months.




Product Decoration Details

Each item has a designated print method, Digital (DTG), Embroidery or Dye Sublimation. Any garment that has a full chest design, like a t-shirt or hoodie, is digitally printed and pretty much any design can be done provided our design specs are met, which are described below. All garments with a left chest print, like a polo, jacket or zip-up hoodie, along with all accessories like hats, bags and blankets are embroidered. There are limits to the amount of detail that can be done on embroidery products and the embroidered garments do not have a back print option. The embroidery specs will be discussed further below. Other accessories including mugs, cell phone cases and necklaces are printed with dye sublimation and similarly to DTG we can print any type of design as long as the file’s specs are up to par.

What file formats are accepted?

To ensure the highest quality product, we prefer high resolution .png (with transparent background). Max file size is 10MB. Any designs sent over this size will not be uploaded.

What size is the print?

The size of the print will depend on the designable area of the product and the decoration method. Our largest print size is 14 x 16 inches.

Dimensions/Designable area:

We are capable of printing at a maximum of 14x16 inches. Each product will have its own printable design area depending on the size and shape of the product. Keep in mind that the print size will automatically scale depending on the size and style of the product. 

Color Specifications:

Feel free to include as many colors as you want in your design. We have the capability of printing full color HD photographs on apparel! 

Naming Specifications:

Files need to be sent to us with the following naming guidelines: Only the design name, written exactly as you wish for it to appear on Pop Up Tee. A good example is "My Awesome Design". A bad example is "my_awesome_design" or "myawesomedesign-byartist". 


Turn off all instruction layers and save as a .png (use a transparent .png if you would like the product background to show through the design). 

Note: We do NOT print white ink on Dye Sub products. Silver products with white on them WILL NOT print.


We will not be able to process designs that are overly intricate for embroidery.

We suggest using a simplified design with no more than a 2 color gradient (it will still look like solid colors not a true gradient). 

Stick to fonts that are larger than .18 inches in height, solid font (no distressed fonts if smaller than 1”), No drop shadow or outlines around the text if it is smaller than .5 inches in height.

Make sure to fill all objects containing negative space under .2”W x .2”H (transparencies) with a solid color. Leaving objects with negative space in your design will produce poor results.

Embroidery Dimensions/Designable Area:

1st Option - Large Embroidery 

  • 4"W x 4"H Max
  • Available on all products, except hats & beanies
  • Great for more detailed designs

 2nd Option - Small Embroidery

  • 4"W x 2.4”H Max
  • Available on all products
  • Great for less detailed designs


Thread Colors and Design Color Specs:

  1. Royal Blue:       R: 0, G: 85, B: 149
  2. Athletic Gold:    R: 249, G: 179, B: 36
  3. White:               R: 228, G: 232, B: 255
  4. Forest Green:   R: 45, G: 74, B: 56
  5. Orange:            R: 237, G: 85, B: 46
  6. Columbia Blue: R: 59, G: 123, B: 176
  7. Red:                 R: 180, G: 34, B: 50
  8. Purple:              R: 106, G: 85, B: 149
  9. Gray:                R: 116, G: 125, B: 135
  10. Brown:              R: 82, G: 56, B: 52
  11. Navy Blue:        R: 46, G: 60, B: 74
  12. Black:               R: 47, G: 48, B: 50
  13. Kelly Green:     R: 0, G: 124, B: 73
  14. Maroon:            R: 108, G: 47, B: 65
  15. Silver:               R: 169, G: 176, B: 177
  16. Old Gold:          R: 202, G: 140, B: 63