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6 Popular Characters Who Keep Their T-Shirt Game On Point

Guest Author: Jason Dutzy


Just like in high school, if you want to be popular you have got to wear the right clothes. Pop culture icons, like the ones on this list, know this better than anyone. Whether you're a superhero, a drunk, or somewhere in between, the right look can take you far.  Here now are 6 popular characters, in no particular order, that keep their t-shirt game strong.


  1. Tony Stark – The Vintage Tee

When your Iron Man and everyone knows it, step one is to remain on brand. The first Iron Man movie had it's job easy when it came to a theme song; They chose Black Sabbath's 1971 hit of the same name. For Tony's first outing with the Avengers he kept it subtle, choosing to rock a vintage tee from Sabbaths 1978 US Tour.


  1. Charlie Brown – The Same Shirt Every Day


From superhero to super zero, the long suffering Charlie Brown would be elated to know that his grief continues to bring entertainment to the world more than 50 years after he first put on his favorite yellow shirt with the black stripe.  Simple yet effective, why change shirts when you got one that works?


  1. Alan (The Hangover Triology) – Souvenir Shop Special

Zach Galifinakis' character Alan from the Hangover movies knows what he likes.  Giant nonsensical printed graphics that hint at a deeper drama inside the mind of the wearer.  While his “Three Wolf Moon” tee might be the most famous, an honorable mention should be awarded to his “Man With Tree Growing Out Of His Head Against the Sun” Tee for it's sheer ridiculousness.  Surely such a complex man can only be clothed by equally complex clothes.


  1. Lucio (Overwatch) – Supporting With Style

We all know who you want to pick when it comes to support.  Mercy is fine and all, but the international celebrity EDM musician Lucio brings the party. The “Audio Medic” rocks the house in his variety of brightly colored athletic style tees while boosting his team's health and speed through the power of his music.


  1. Trevor Phillips – Always On Brand

Grand Theft Auto 5 was a phenomenon thanks in no small part to Trevor Phillips, everyone's favorite raging psychopath.  Trevor has a wealth of apparel options in Los Santos, but far and above the track suits and tightey-whitey's are his selection of T-shirts shilling local businesses.  A fan of the local football team the Los Santos Wrath (the tee hangs in his wardrobe) also available to wear on your rampage are t-shirts for the Pump & Run Gymnasium and Pop's Pills Pharmaceuticals.


  1. Luke Cage - Simple, cheap, disposable

Possibly the only downside to having bulletproof skin is the lack of bullet proof clothes.  Most likely this is why Harlem's Superhero Luke Cage opts for something quick and easy that he won't get attached to.  Plain monochrome tee's, often yellow, sometimes with bullet holes.  A look that says both “I'm not complicated” and “I wouldn't shoot me if I were you.”


So there you have it, classic t-shirt style from classic characters.  Can you think of any more?  Let us know in the comments! 


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