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Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland – That Mischievous Grin

Witty, troublemaker, helper, guide, mischievous, entertainer, riddler - these are some of the words you can use for the most lovable cat in the world, the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. No one can imagine Lewis Carole’s Alice in Wonderland without this enigmatic cat. Even the Mad Hatter and the March Hare cannot compare to the wit and humor the Cheshire cat brings in.

Alice in Wonderland has been portrayed many times in movies, TV series, cartoons, parodies and other Medias. In each of the Medias the Cheshire cat has been shown as the same with only little difference. Fans love the Cheshire Cat. He is everything you need in a story of mystery and suspense genre.

Why do people love the Cheshire cat so much?

There are very few reasons not to love this cat that it’s almost negligible. He is one of the most beloved characters from Alice in Wonderland and you should not be surprise to see different versions of him in other movies and games as well.  

The Cheshire cat

Cheshire Cat is the mysterious and mischievous character from the famous Alice in Wonderland novel. One day while Alice and her sister are sitting in the garden Alice falls asleep. She is then woken up by a rabbit. While chasing a rabbit in her garden Alice accidentally falls into the rabbit hole and enters a different world. There she first encounters the Cheshire cat in the kitchen of the Queen of Hearts. Here he tries to help Alice to get out of the room. But, soon Alice realizes most of the suggestions are rather confusing and she cannot trust him. She encounters him many times in the entire timeline of the story and slowly realizes that he is an asset rather than a liability or nuisance.

Ohhhh…that mysterious grin

The one character traits that became the trade mark of the Cheshire cat is his mysterious, wicked grin. The cat seems to have that grin permanently etched on its face and more often than not makes you wonder what is behind that smile or the grin.  This grin is quite famous and you will find them in the Cheshire cat wallpaper, posters, or t-shirt prints. At one point in the story the cat even disappears entirely leaving only that mysterious Grin behind.

The Cheshire cat possesses many distinct characteristics. He can appear and disappear at will. He can also reshape its body which sometimes amuses or frightens the visitors to death. He proudly owns up to the fact that he is mad like everyone else in the Wonderland. He is very mysterious, dark and has a very cruel sense of humor. It’s not just Alice who is intrigued by him, other members of the Wonderland are in awe with him and a little afraid as well. The cat is intelligent, witty and seems to know the secrets of the place. Outmaneuvering him is next to impossible. Along with Alice, the cat provides the perfect entrainment. He tries to help Alice get around the place in his own unique ways which sometimes annoys and baffles Alice. But, other times Alice is happy to see him like when he appears at the Queen of Hearts' croquet field.  When he is sentenced to death by the Queen he suddenly disapproves leaving his head behind. This prompts an argument between the Queen and the executioner whether a headless cat can be beheaded. This shows his witty solution to even a very serious situation.

The Cheshire cat is full of wit, intelligence, riddle and dark humor and a good heart deep down. He is also very mysterious. Together, it makes him the most lovable literary character of all time. Fans love him for all his weirdness and he has inspired many books, movies, series, internet memes, video games and t-shirt designs among many other things. His quotes from the book are ever so popular just like him.


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