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Back to the Future – Movie Recap

Back to the Future is a popular Science-fiction comedy. It’s a trilogy about time travel into the past and future. The movie enjoyed a huge commercial success as well as favorable critic response upon its release. It was one of the highest grossing movies in the year 1985.

For science fiction lovers this movie is a perfect combination of both science and comedy and makes for a fun watch. It is a story of a teenage boy who travels back in the past where he witnesses his parents meeting and getting married. But, his parents are not happy with each other in the present time and he gets to see why. He takes it upon himself to see that his parents fall for each other.

For people who are not familiar with this popular movie and for those who want to revisit the story, here is a quick recap of the movie:

Back to the Story…

It’s the year 1985. A 17-year old Marty McFly visits his friend who is an eccentric scientist. But he doesn’t know that soon he is going on a lifetime of an adventure. The doctor is not in his house and Marty stumbles upon stolen plutonium but he does not realize it. He plugs his guitar into the giant amplifier and sets it to the highest point and starts playing his guitar. But the amplifier blows up sending Marty flying into the shelves. Soon the “Doc” calls asking him to meet.

At home, his unhappy parents are not the ideal sight. His father George is not confident enough and is constantly bullied by his supervisor, Biff Tannen. His mother on the other hand has totally let herself go and has become overweight and is an alcoholic.

Marty meets Doc in the parking lot as decided. Doc shows him his time machine which he has built and is a modified DeLorean and powered by the stolen plutonium he had acquired from the Libyan terrorist. As the Doc was showing him how to navigate the system (the time was set to November 5, 1955), the Libyans arrive and killed him. Marty escapes in the DeLorean and accidently sets off the time machine as well which takes him to the set date.

There he meets his father George who is being bullied by his classmate Biff. Marty saves George from an oncoming car and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he finds himself face to face with his teenage mother Loraine who is quite infatuated with him. Marty goes to find the young Doc who tells him that he cannot return as they do not have enough plutonium.  He tells him the only way he can get back home is if he could find a power source that could generate an electricity power of 1.21 Gigawatts. Soon Marty realizes that he has prevented his parents meeting each other as it’s him and not his dad who was knocked by the car. Now, his whole existence is in danger. As Doc plans for generating the power needed for his return, Marty sets out to introduce his parents to each other. Loraine asks Marty to the school dance. Here Marty makes a plan where his father George can rescue Loraine from Marty’s feigned inappropriate advances. Instead the angry and drunken Biff makes advances towards Loraine and George comes to her rescue. This leads to both going to the dance floor together and they fall in love with each other.

The Doc has successfully found the power source. As the storm arrives, Marty goes to the clock tower where the lightning will strike. Marty goes back to the present day in 1985 and is happy to see that Doc is not dead; he had after all listened to his warning and had worn a bullet-proof vest. The Doc sets off for the future in 2015 to meets his future kids.

Back home Marty finds everything has changed. His father George is self-confident, and a successful author while his mother is physically fit and is happy too. His siblings are also happy and doing well. Biff on the other hand is now an auto valet.  

Back to the Future made time travelling fun and entertaining without losing the essence of science fiction movies. Like any other popular movie, Back to the Future inspired a variety of merchandise including cool t-shirt designs.


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