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Deadpool – a different Kind of Superhero

The world has seen many superheroes and some of them are more popular than the others. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman and so many others have entertained the masses for years- for more than 50 years. Deadpool on the other hand is one superhero who is known for its antihero antics and yet still loved by many. He is the perfect transition between good and bad. On many levels he is a hero with multiple layers. He is both good and bad, but mostly good. He has immense super power and he is a pansexual. 

Deadpool in short is a character with many layers and understanding him is like going on a rollercoaster ride. The more you know him, the more questions you want to ask about him.

Let us take a brief glimpse at his life:

Deadpool was originally known as Wade Wilson. His mother died when he was young and his father was later killed by one of his friends. After a very brief stint in the military he becomes a mercenary soon after while still being a teenager. Although he was an assassin he had a very moralistic approach towards it. He only killed people he thought deserved to die or who had done some wrong towards him. Later he meets a teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle and falls in love with her. But his happiness does not last long and he soon discovers that he has cancer. Rather than telling Vanessa to stay with him, he leaves her without telling her. In Canada he gets involved with a special weapons development branch of the Canadian government - Department K. There he becomes a part of the secret superhuman development program and his cancer is treated mysteriously. But, he then comes into possession of a superhuman healing factor which he acquires from that of the mutant Wolverine. This gave him the power of fast regeneration of cells in his body– faster than any human being. He is thrown out of the program as he kills one the members and induced in another program that deals with failed superhuman operatives. Here is tortured by the deranged duo of Doctor Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax. Deadpool escapes the fraternity with new powers and abilities and here he takes up a new identity – Deadpool.

What is Deadpool Like?

Defining Deadpool’s personality is quite entertaining. For instance he knows he is a fictional character and commonly able to break the fourth wall. This serves as the comic relief to the character. He possesses a very strong sense of core morality and is not afraid of voicing it in front of other superheroes like the wolverine. He goes by the nickname "Merc with a Mouth", because of his talkative nature. His creators have confirmed that he is of pansexual orientation.

His Abilities

When it comes to abilities, Deadpool has many varied kind of them. He has possession of a regenerative healing factor, which gives him the power to heal at a speed that is impossible for any other human being. He even regenerated his own heart when he was left for dead by the mad doctors who took his heart with them. This ability makes him almost mortal and gives him an edge over his enemies. On the downside this makes him a little bit unstable as his neurons also get affected by it. But, this instability also makes him one of the most difficult opponents as the enemy is unable to guess his next move. Deadpool is also very good at distracting his enemies.

His Powers

As for the powers, Deadpool has many. His abilities and powers are like same, but since he is a superhero, he ought to have some powers to his name. When it comes to powers, nothing beats his ability to regenerate at the speed of the light. His neurons get affected by this which makes him indifferent towards any kind of psychic and telepathic power. His body is highly resistant to most of the drugs and toxins thanks to his ability to regenerate fast. The only way you can get him intoxicated through the injection of drugs like tranquilizers that too in a large amount. He has appeared in many storylines and believed to be alive even after 800 years. He is a highly trained assassin with knowledge of multiple forms of martial arts, swordsmanship and marksman.

On the funny side, he knows he is a fictional character and even read past issues of his character as well as other characters.

Deadpool is very popular and has inspired many ideas for t-shirts. He has many powers gathered over a period of time. If you love Deadpool then you must be waiting impatiently for the new movie set to release in 2018, which will be part two, the first was released in 2016.


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