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BioShock – A World of Adventure and Compelling Mystery

BioShock is a futuristic, sci-fi, first-person shooter video game that takes you on a rollercoaster ride you cannot get enough of it. It is a highly-acclaimed video game praised for its unique storyline that focuses more on moral and emotion rather than just blind action. It has also earned praises for its unique environment, setting and conceptualization. It is no wonder that BioShock has got a place in the history of the greatest video games ever created.

The video game has inspired many merchandise items like t-shirts. Its character and storylines has artist touch which make for a very distinctive designs for the t-shirts. If you are a fan of the series you will immensely like its design.

Where it all begins

Here is a quick description of the BioShock storyline for those who are not familiar with the story.  

The story of BioShock is set in 1960. You (the main character Jack) are flying over Atlantic Ocean and then there is this mysterious airplane crash and you find yourself in the water all alone, a lone survivor of the crash. The player spots a light house and you swim towards it only to find out that it is a submersible called a bathysphere. It is waiting for you to take you underground towards the city of Rapture – an underwater city. The city was created by the Objectivist business magnate Andrew Ryan. His ambition was to create a utopia, a perfect world for the elite to flourish outside of government control. The one rule of the Rapture city is that the people cannot have any contact with the surface. Here science has arrived at a very advanced stage with the discovery of genetic material ADAM, which is created by sea slugs at the bottom of the ocean. The ADAM has the ability to let users alter their basic DNA to acquire super human powers like telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

Just like in the real world the perfect Utopia is divided into class distinction and soon Frank Fontaine, a gangster and a businessman becomes the representative of the low class and starts a coup. Ryan does everything to thwart Frank and eventually gets him killed in the battlefield. But, another figure soon rises by the name of Adam, who is the first person Jack meets after arriving at the Rapture City. Adam asks Jack to help him rescue his family from the clutches of Ryan and Jack follows whatever Adam asks him to do.  When Jack meets Ryan in his office after all the fights many truths come out. It turns out that Jack is Ryan’s illegitimate son who was kidnapped by Frank in a bid to use him against Ryan. Ryan asks Jack to kill him using the phrase "would you kindly kill me. After killing Ryan, Jack realizes the importance of the phrase "would you kindly”, which Adam used repeatedly. It is a hypotonic trigger word that made him do all the work Adam asked him to do. Later, Adam reveals himself as Frank Fontaine and leaves Jack to die. But, he is saved by the Dr. Tenenbaum and removes all the Fontaine's conditioned responses. This frees Jack and he is now ready to defeat/kill Fontaine and release the people from the bondage. 

Concept and the Popularity

BioShock enjoyed immense popularity and continued with the future series like the BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. The setting of the video game connects with the player on a human level which makes the series so popular and worth playing. There is no dearth of action, adventure and mysteries and will keep you entertained until the end.

The Rapture city where the story takes place is breathtaking with all its details. It brings alive the concept of underwater city with living quarters, shopping areas, entertainment venues, laboratories, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and other facilities. Rupture features in the most of parts of the BioShock game series as well.

Fans of video games will find BioShock entertaining, challenging and most of all very engaging. The setting, the characters have inspired many of the t-shirts designs which is quite as popular as the game itself.


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