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Dragon Ball - An Entire Universe of Adventure

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular and the longest running series in the world with ongoing Manga series, anime series, animated movies, live-action movie, videos games and so many other things. According to Wikipedia, Dragon Ball is “One of the most merchandisable anime based media franchises of all time." It is also one of the most popular as well as successful Manga and anime series of all time. Since its inception in 1984, Dragon Ball has grown both in popularity as well as in franchise. The anime series are watched in several countries and is widely perceived as milestone in Japanese Manga and anime series.


The Dragon Ball has inspired artists around the world. It's vivid, detail animation, characterization and adventurous storyline has inspired a wide range of merchandise including t-shirts. From the main character Goku to his fellow adventurers you will find many interesting t-shirt designs and themes.


Dragon Ball - A continuous journey of adventure and action


For those who have been following Dragon Ball since it started will have no trouble keeping track of its vast media franchise. But, for people who are quite new to it, here is a brief summary of the series:



The Dragon Ball story starts with our main protagonist Goku, a monkey-tailed boy meeting this girl Bulma, who is on her journey to find all seven magical dragon balls. The legend of the dragon balls says that when all seven dragon balls are brought together, a dragon will come alive and grant a wish to the person. Bulma had planned to ask the dragon for a boyfriend after reading about the legend. So, both the boy and the girl set out on an adventurous and life changing journey. On their quest, they meet interesting people, some of which join them to continue with them in their journey. Every story has a villain and here the Pilaf is the chief antagonist. He is the king of a small kingdom. He has a girl Mai and a ninja dog named Shao as his sidekicks. Pilaf is also looking for the mystical seven magical dragon balls to fulfil his wish to rule the world. 


Throughout his journey Goku and Bulma meet many characters, some of which later become their allies like Oolong, a shape shifting pig, Yamcha, the Desert Bandit, and his shape shifting partner Puar, then comes a man named the Ox-King who is a student of Master Roshi and his daughter named Chi-Chi. They have a couple of dragon balls and travel to the palace of Pilaf to collect the remaining dragon balls. Pilaf captures them all and summons the dragon using all the seven Magical dragon balls. But, Oolong the shape shifting pig prevents Palif from making the dangerous wish and instead asks the dragon for a pair of women’s underwear. The dragon grants the wish and turns into stone once again and gets scattered once again to be found again for making a magical wish.


Depiction of the Unlimited Adventure



The popularity of the Dragon Ball lies in its adventure that comes alive with the lively animation and storyline. Over the years, the story line has stretched into many interesting events. The above is just one-tenth of the entire Dragon Ball Storyline. For the big fans of the entire media franchise, we have a lively collection of Dragon Ball t-shirts. The young Goku, before he becomes the fierce warrior is super cute to look at. The illustration just brings alive the character. In mood for some fun? The Dragon Bubble, Dragon Egg, Dragon God are some of our funny prints you will find that provides immediate comic relief.


The Dragon Ball is also a coming of age story with the characters growing up physically, in power and wisdom throughout the series. Want to see how your hero Goku turns out later in the series? Here is the Fittest Evolution t-shirts design that perfectly captures the evolution of Goku. The story of Dragon Ball is an action-packed adventure combined with rare humor. If you have loved some of the eccentric characters in the series and the great adventure, you will definitely like our t-shirt range.


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