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Dragon Ball’s Saiyans – an Extraordinary Race

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular, longest running and highly successful franchises. It is such a vast universe of its own and there are several characters, story lines, plots and so much more. It is akin to the Star Wars series when it comes to the size and direction of the story line. If you love adventure, suspense and animation, then Dragon Ball is for you.

One of the most interesting parts of the series is the Saiyans. They are an endangered extraterrestrial race.  They are the famous warrior race known for their aggressive nature, thirst for bloodshed and conquering. They are known for their specific characteristics which truly define them and what they are. The Saiyans have a huge fan following and have inspired many merchandise. You will find fans wearing cool t-shirts with the Saiyans theme designs.

The Saiyans - a brief history

The Saiyans have been featured in various Dragon Ball movies and series including manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT. Naturally aggressive in nature, the Saiyans are one the toughest race in the universe.

After their home planet Sadla is destroyed due to internal conflict, the entire community moves to another planet Vegeta. Originally Vegeta was known as Tuffle, but once the Saiyans had destroyed the original race and overtaken the planet they renamed the plant as Vegeta. Saiyans were a very uncouth race as far as having the knowledge of technological advancement and science goes. After defeating the Tuffle people, they learn to use the technology and become less aggressive as time passes.

Like Goku in the original Dragon Ball series, the Saiyans can transform into Oozaru or Great Apes. It is revealed that Goku is also a Saiyan too. Transforming into Great Apes, increases the power of the Saiyans to extreme levels. But this only happens every 20 years when there is "Blutz Waves" in a full moon day. This very thing helped the otherwise outnumbered Saiyans to win over the Tuffles. 

Saiyans Characteristics and Appearances

The more you know about the Saiyans, the more interesting it gets. Physically they just look like humans except for the tails they have. They are also quite bulky and they usually have spiky, black hair. All pure blooded Saiyans have tails including Goku. It is a sensitive part and may cause the owner great pain and lose power (momentarily) when squeezed. But the tail is also a source of great power. The Saiyans with the tail are the only ones who can transform into great apes.

When it comes to fighting they are extraordinary warriors. Fighting comes naturally to them. They can fly by the manipulation of Ki and at a great speed. They can move so fast that humans cannot see them. They possess superhuman strength which is quite useful for fighting. They are so strong that even one Saiyan warrior is enough to conquer the whole planet like in the case of Goku who is sent to Earth to destroy it. They are extremely capable of destroying things that are larger and much heavier than themselves like buildings, cities, mountains and islands.

Saiyans have a huge appetite. They need to have 30 to 40 meals daily to maintain their metabolism. They live longer than humans and can easily regenerate their body in case it suffered an injury. The resurrected body however becomes more powerful than the last one.

Personality wise all the Saiyan warriors are same. They share the same lust for destruction and conquering. They love conflict and fighting. They are extremely proud people and very hot headed. They can even get arrogant sometimes. Sometimes their machismo can lead to lack of emotions. After the destruction of the entire race in the hands of Frieza, a war lord, only a few Saiyans survived, Goku was one of them.

Saiyans are like super soldiers. They are extremely powerful, hot headed and love war. But there is also an exception. Goku, even though he is saiyan and was sent to earth to destroy it turns out to be different kind of Saiyan. He has inherited all the qualities if Saiyans, but what sets him apart is compassion and willingness to settle for peace.


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