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Final Fantasy Series through the Decades

Final Fantasy is a popular media franchise developed by the Square Enix. Initially it started off as the role-playing videos games then it branched out into films, anime, manga and novels. It is one of the most popular video game franchises and commercially successful as well. The series has inspired many merchandise including t-shirts designs.

The franchise has earned praises from both the fans and critics and is known for its action, drama, story, graphics, setting and music. Through the years the series has won many fans from all over the world.

It was first released in 1987 and still continuing. The 29 years of legacy of this popular franchise is worth visiting once more. It has entertained and inspired fans and video gamers all over the world.

Let’s take a look at this popular franchise:

The central theme of the game and story revolves around a group of characters who battle evil. The same storyline or the theme is followed in all of its other genres and media like movies and anime. Some evil antagonist is trying to create havoc in the game’s world and the characters are required to battle them and restore peace in the land. The story usually involves a state or country in chaos. The main characters are generally a part of this rebellion. No matter how powerful the antagonist gets the heroes are destined to defeat them. The storyline may make all the main characters to gather together to defeat the evil antagonist.

To spice up the storyline of the series the game designers sometimes put two villains in the series to confuse the protagonists. The main villain may not be apparent at first and the characters may think the other villain is the real culprit. This allows the characters to explore and continue their quest. The characters also have to fight their own inner demon.

The game also may take you inside the character’s head and focus on their personal life for a while. This is done to make the storyline more humane and relatable. This games also allow you to get a sneak peek into the kind of relationship to characters have with each other. You will get to experience relationship like love, rivalry and others. Sometimes the main characters may be tempted to go to the wrong side and sacrifice themselves.

Series through the Decades

The series has turned 29 years and is still entertaining the fans. Over the years the game has gone through many changes which are only natural. With the original creators out of the scene you will find many changes in each release.

The battle systems have changed throughout the series. Before the release of the Final Fantasy XI, the battles were fought on the turn basis with the hero and villain on the different sides of the battlefield. The Final Fantasy IV brought a little change and replace the turn based combat system into "Active Time Battle" (ATB) system, which required the player to act in limited time. This system kept on changing from time to time with improvements and more excitements. With the Final Fantasy XI came the real-time battle system where the players were required to act on issued command. With the time the action became more intense, fast and efficient and with new battle style and weapons. The visuals and sound and settings too changed through the years.

Final Fantasy is a true legend and is one of the favorites of the game lovers. With it’s every release it has made a great impact on the gaming world.


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