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Futurama Animated Series – A Recap

Futurama is a popular American animated series that ran from 1997 to 2003. It had total of seven seasons with one hundred and forty episodes. It is considered as one of the best animated series based in a futuristic world and in science-fiction theme. The series has earned critical acclaim , also won many hearts.  

The series has also been praised for its address to various issues like environment, violence, politics and the bad effects of the technological advancement. Commercially, the series was highly successful with the characters which not only won hearts but also inspiring merchandise like cools t-shirt designs.

Fans of the series will definitely remember it with fond nostalgia. The main character Philip J. Fry will be remembered because he is so relatable. Overall the series is comic in nature dealing with some serious issues in a near possible future earth.

Let’s revisit the story once again…..

The story is about a delivery boy Philip J. Fry who falls into a cryogenic tube in the eve of New Year in 1999 and is frozen for 1000 years. He wakes up in the year 2999 on 31st December in the futuristic 31st century.

In this new world everything has changed. Upon his revival Fry finds his old job as the delivery boy in New York at 31st century in Planet Express delivery service. At first he is not aware of the new world, then he notices out of date hairstyle and many other things. The series focuses on Fry’s journey in the world. His best friends are the hedonist robot buddy bender and cyclopsian love interest Leela. Together they travel to the farthest reaches of the Universe, discovering strange life forms, culture, environment, people, mutants and many other things.

The new world Fry finds himself in is full of technological wonders. The New New York City has been built on the ruins of the old or the present day New York City. The present day issues like the global warming, inflexible bureaucracy, and substance abuse are still there but in different magnitude. Here these problems have become a part of the daily like rather than just a distant warning. Other parts of US have also become extreme in many ways include weather wise. The new technological advancements include the ability to preserve the body parts such heads alive in jars.

The internet has taken a giant leaps and is very much a part of everyday life. Some of the weird things that Fry finds out are how the intelligently superior robots, who are at par with humans as far as intelligence goes and are powered by alcohol. And, this very thing becomes the cause of the global warming. The other thing that Fry notices that wheels have become absolute and have been replaced by something else and different types of vehicle are now used for transportation.

One of the major changes that Fry witnesses is environment. Apart from common animals, there are now mutated, cross bred and extraterrestrial animals. Earth has also mover far away from the sun.

It is safe to say the Futurama series shows the future that we are warned off today more or less. Nevertheless, the comic approach of the series has won many hearts and praises. If you are big fan of the series then don’t forget to checkout its t-shirts designs.



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