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Avatar the Last Airbender – Story Background

Avatar: The Last Airbender is highly rated, critically-acclaimed and hugely popular TV anime series. It had a highly successful run from 2005 to 2008 with three action packed seasons. The series combines various elements like the anime and cartoon styles with reference to the New World Societies and other things.

It is based on alternative world where a few people can manipulate elements like the air and fire through psychokinetic powers known as the “Bending”. This popular TV anime series and comic have inspired a wide range of merchandise including cool t-shirts with eye-catching and witty designs.

If you aren’t already familiar with the story background of this popular anime series here is a little synopsis of the entire series.

The Setting of the Avatar the last Airbender

Avatar the last Airbender has a very interesting setting and is one of the key elements of the main plot. In the Avatar world there are four Nations - the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads. Each nation is governed by the power of natural elements, which the countries have been named after. The benders or the one who is bestowed with the power of each nation has the ability to control and manipulate the element of the nation.

Only the Avatar has the power to bend and manipulate all four elements of the Four Nations. In the series, The Fire Nation is the aggressor and wants to control the other nations. Only the Avatar can stop him but he has suddenly disappeared for 100 years now. Fortunately, he is back and is on the mission to banish the aggressor and bring peace and normality in the world.

How it all began  

Before the present events, some hundred years ago the Fire Lord Sozin of the Fire Nation is making a plan to expand its territory through world War. But his plans are threatened by Avatar Roku, from the Fire Nation. The Avatar can be from any nation and has the ability to bend all the elements of the nations. At a time only one Avatar can exist. But, after Avatar Roku dies, Fire Lord Sozin again pursues his plans of expansion.

Now, it’s time for the new Avatar to be born. He is born as Aang, a 12 year old boy who learns of his abilities and destiny too soon (He was supposed to know when he turns 16). Afraid of his future and new responsibilities Aang however decides to run away. He flees his hometown on his flying bison, Appa. But a storm forces them to enter the ocean where Aang goes into Avatar State and they both turn into an iceberg, in suspended animation or the next one hundred years.

The Avatar is born following rule of cycle where each Nation gets the Avatar. It was the turn of the Air Nomads to have the Avatar this time. Knowing this, Sozin sets out to kill the new avatar by conducting a mass genocide of the Air Nomads.  But Aang survives. Aang is not only the Avatar he is also the last of the Air Benders. As the time passes, the succession of the Fire Nation falls into the hands of Ozai, who is the primary antagonist of the series.

The journey Begins

After hundred years, Aang is revived. A fourteen year old Katara who is a Waterbender from the Water Tribe Nation and his brother find Aang and revive him from his suspended animation. Aang learns what has happened and sets out to complete what he was suppose to do hundred years back.

In his quest, Aang has to learn the technique and ability of all the Benders of the four nations. He learns Earth Bending and Water Bending. He learns Firebending from the exiled son of Ozai, Zuko. By combining all the power and allies and support from his friend and people of the four Nations, Aang strips Ozai of his fire bending power instead of killing him and restores the world back to normal state. 


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