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Geek and Nerd culture – Being a Cool Geek in Today’s World

It’s the best time to be a geek or nerd. They are no longer in social outcast they used to be. In fact the nerds and the geeks have become the new cool. If you remember your high school days when being a geek means the so called Cool Group would avoid you. But today the same group wants to be the geek. How cool is that now. People are now sporting cool t-shirts with GEEEK or NERD sprawled across it. Everyone seems to be wanting to be officially known as the geek.

So what changed?

There are many things responsible for this culture paradigm shift. The new age has brought new opportunities for the nerds and geeks who until now had to live in shadows of the cool group or completely out of sight for the fear of being judged.

The Nerds who made the world Better

Remember Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg? They were considered nerds and geeks who were would spend most of their time shut in their rooms or garages doing weird things. These weirdo people have made the world a better place by constantly inventing new technologies and tools that has made our lives so easy. Not to mention billions of dollars they have earned has added to the charisma of the so called Geeks.

Geeks and nerds are usually defined by their lack of fashion or fashion that doesn’t suit the vision of the popular group. They are known to be intellectuals who are constantly pursuing their dream indifferent to the world. They are also called as social awkward and even unsocial. With people like Mark Zuckerberg defining success with his new inventions and pursuits people are now more accepting towards them. They are now seeing how valuable these people with some kind reverence.

Inspired by Superheroes

Aren’t all superheroes a bunch nerds and geeks who acquire great power? Yes the superhero culture too had a great impact on people in making them see geeks and nerds differently. From Superman to Spiderman to the Captain America and the ever popular Iron Man, the geeks are now redefining success and what is cool. No matter how smart you are or how well you dress at the end of the day it’s the nerdy superhero who comes to their rescue. The movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have also redefined the way people look at nerds and geeks. Frodo and Sam, Harry Potter and Ron Weasely, people just love them. The other one is the Star Wars movies which has such cult like following all over the world. This is indeed one of the reasons why they are now so popular. The music industry has also accepted and integrated this geeky and nerdy culture in it. This has also contributed in making geeks and nerds the new cool.

Fashion brought the geek to mainstream

The fashion world too has made the geeks cool too in their own way. Geeky dresses, nerdy glasses, messy hair and that attitude too have added to the popularity of the geeks. Without realizing it people are now becoming more like the geeks and nerds. You can now see people sporting dorky t-shirts in various themes. This change in the fashion and attitude in the people too had contributed in popularizing the geek and nerdy culture for good.

Being a Geek is more practical

Geeks are now getting their due. They come up with solutions that other people cannot. TV series like the Big Bang Theory has shown that usual science geeks and nerds in different light. Yes they do exit and they have a cool life too. Can you fix your own PC? Develop an illuminating fish? Solve day to day problems with science or come up with really cool idea on how to get kids excited about science in seconds? These are the things that make geeks and nerds really cool and practical.

They are finally getting their due

If you think you are a geek or a nerd then this is the great time to be. They are now finally getting recognition for who they are. They don’t need to change the way they look, dress up, eat, walk or do their stuff. Everything that was weird before is now the new cool. Now that people are more accepting towards geeks and nerds you can relax and be who you are as people are now dying to be one like you.

Geek and Nerd culture is on and the present time is one of the best ones to be one. So embrace you inner geek or nerd and be cool about it. Sport your favorite t-shirt and you will be the coolest one in the crowd.


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