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LEGO – an Extraordinary Story of Success

When one unique idea becomes one of the largest enterprises in the world, there has to be an impressive story. What started off as wooden toy manufacturing company, it has today become one of the most popular toys making companies in the world.

What is so unique about this company, there are so many toy companies, you ask?

Well, LEGO’s is a toy making company, but not the regular kind. LEGO is known for its interlocking plastic bricks that can be used to create toys, objects, and structures of many kinds. They can be used to make buildings, cars, robots and so much more. This was the unique idea.

LEGO’s History – How it all started

The story of the LEGO’s starts in 1932 when it was started by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. It started in his workshop in Billund, Denmark, where he created wooden toys. The word Lego means play well. Then, in 1947, the company started making plastic toys. It was in the year 1949 when the company started developing the first interlocking brick toys among other products. The first version of the Lego toys was different then and since its inception the designs have changed regularly.

The company is a family based company with the ownership passing from the fathers to the sons. It has been 80 years since the LEGO Group was formed and it is still growing strong. If you need any proof of its impact just look at the number of movies, games, competitions, and six Legoland amusement parks it has to its name. 

It has also inspired a wide range of merchandise including various creatively superior t-shirt designs.

Collectable Sets

LEGO has many collectible sets and some are crazy expensive. If you are a LEGO lover, there are some very interesting themed LEGO sets that you should own.

Here is the list:

  1. LEGO Sculpture Exclusives TAJ MAHAL

This is one of the most popular as well as the most expensive LEGO sets. The pieces when put together create the most magnificent miniature Taj Mahal you will ever find. The most interesting thing is it will be you who created it. The geometry and symmetry of the entire structure is just implacable.

  1. Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

This is the ultimate LEGO set that no Star Wars fan can say no to. You simply have to have it if you are a true Star Wars fan. It is also one of the most expensive ones.

  1. Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture

The next on the list is the Lego 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture. It is also one of the most expensive and most popular of the collectible sets. The pieces come together to create the most magnificent Statue of Liberty you will see.

  1. Lego Creator - The Eiffel Tower

Bring the Eiffel Tower in your house this stunning LEGO collectible set. This too is one of the most expensive ones. Worldwide it has been sold with huge success.

Upcoming LEGO Sets in 2017

No doubt LEGO fans will be eagerly waiting for the upcoming LEGO sets of 2017. Here goes the list:

  1. First Order Star Destroyer is a Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - this upcoming LEGO set will soon be released this year.
  2. The Ultimate Batmobile: This is the movie theme LEGO set released in June 2017 and includes Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth (in costume), and Polka-Dot Man.
  3. Beware the Vulture LEGO set- This the marvel superhero set to be released in 2017 and includes Spider-Man's new variation, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, Iron Man with his new Mark 47 armor.
  4. The Phantom LEGO set – It is a Star Wars rebel set and some of its mini figures include C1-10P, Kanan Jarus and Grand Admiral Thrwan.

LEGO has been entertaining and providing the kids and adults both with some of the most amazing LEGO sets. Don’t miss out on some of the amazing LEGO theme t-shirts.


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