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One Piece – A Fantasy Story

One Piece is a popular Japanese Manga series, which has been adopted into a full original video animation TV series and many movies as well. Its popularity can be measured by the number of movies and TV series and merchandise it has in its name. So far there have been thirteen animated feature films, OVA, eleven television specials based on One Piece.

The entire franchise has been praised for its artwork, animation, characterization, action and humor. It also holds the record in Guinness World Record for "the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.

The Pirate Story

The one piece story takes place in a different world inhabited by pirates, giant sea creatures, and treasures hidden years ago, ships, island, heroes and villains. This is the ultimate fantasy you want to see if you love manga and manga based animation series.

The world of One Piece is made of two vast oceans divided by one vast mountain known as the Red Line. The Grand Line running perpendicular to the Red Line divides the world into four zones: East Blue, West Blue, North Blue and South Blue. Some 22 years ago, the notorious pirate king Gol D. Roger claimed that he had hidden a treasure known as One Piece at the end of the Grand Line before he was executed. Now, this claim has inspired many to become pirates just to find that lost treasure. Twelve years after the death of the pirate king, young Monkey D. Luffy, inspired by the pirate stories and his hero Shanks decides to find that lost treasure and become the new pirate king.

So far no one had laid hands on that treasure and many pirates and ships have disappeared in the attempt. Eventually people started fearing the Grand Line. But the brave heart Monkey D. Luffy will stop at nothing to achieve his dream of finding that treasure and become the new pirate king. The only thing that sets him apart from the others is his secret power. When he was a child he accidentally ate a cursed fruit which turned his body into rubber. His body can now withstand a variety of weapons and assaults.

So the adventure starts and Luffy is now gathering a crew and a ship to take off for the Grand Line. He has a very interesting set of crew which adds to the adventure and humor in the story. His team includes swordsman Zoro, excellent navigator Nami, talented storyteller Usopp, the expert cook Sanji, and talking reindeer Chopper.  The journey takes them through some of the best adventures of their lives. They fight off other pirates and even meet some colorful characters on their way to the quest.

It is an ongoing anime series and you will have much more to see of the Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. The adventure still continues. If you are one of the craziest fans of One Piece you will surely like the cool t-shirt designs based on this popular series.


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