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Overwatch – Action-Packed online multiplayer team-based Game

Overwatch is a popular and critically acclaimed online video game. It is a team based multiplayer game that has a first-person shooter. Released in 2016, Overwatch has quickly become a top rated online video game.

There is no single hero in it. In the game there are two teams of six players each that fight against each other. You can choose from 25 pre-defined characters known as heroes for yourself. Each character has a unique style of playing. The roles of the characters are divided into four categories namely Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. The main task of the players is to keep the control points in the map secure. Or they are tasked to escort the payload across the map in the game in a game. As you win points you are rewarded with different things that do not directly affect the progress of the game, like with the earned points you can win character skin and make your character look more attractive.

Game Setting

The game is set in the near future of Earth. It is set sixty years in the future on Earth. Some event took place several years earlier that changed the world for better or worse and the game is set amidst the destructive consequence of past human errors. Some thirty years ago a global crisis known as the Ominic Crisis hit the earth.

The Ominic Crisis started when humans started developing robots with artificial intelligence. That was the golden age for the humankind. They lived in prosperity and technological advancement that was never seen before. This advanced technology was used worldwide to bring equality on various levels. The problem started when the same Omnics armed with intelligence like the humans started producing a range of deadly, hostile robots. These lethal robots turned against the humankind. When the crisis grew out of hand the United Nations formed Overwatch, an international task force to tackle the problem of Omnic threat and restore order in the world once again.

The charge of the Overwatch was given to the two veteran soldiers: Reyes and Jack Morrison. The team was successful in thwarting the efforts of the Ominics and restored the world to its previous state. But a rift rose between the two soldiers. The two were put in charge of separate organizations.  Morrison was given charge of Overwatch while Reyes became the leader in charge of Blackwatch, a covert operations division. While Overwatch did succeed in maintaining peace in the world for several years, the rift between Reyes and Jack Morrison opened up a new abyss. As time progressed, Overwatch was accused of failures and wrongdoings and the in-fighting between the members gave it a bad reputation. This led the United Nations to investigate the situation. But, before anything could be done about the crisis, the Overwatch's headquarters in Switzerland exploded in an attack killing both Morrison and Reyes among various other people. This led to the United Nations passing an act known as the Petras Act, which disbanded Overwatch and made any kind of Overwatch-type activity illegal.

The Overwatch game is set some years after the Petras Act was passed. Now the world is seeing a new kind of crisis in the absence of Overwatch. Corporations have started taking over and terrorism is on the rise across the globe. With the second Omnic Crisis threatening Russia, the former members of the Overwatch decide to come together again despite the van and gain new allies in their fight against the whole new threat.  

Overwatch Game play

Apart from all the action, there are several features in the game that makes it fun and enjoyable. There are several tutorials for your benefit in case you are new to this kind of game. Then there is a practice mode that will help you understand the rules of the game before you go into the actual game. As the fun fact there are casual matchmaking, weekly brawls, custom games, and competitive play.

If you happen to be a die-hard fan of multi-player online games then Overwatch is just for you. The game has received several accolades and awards. The game has already inspired a number of merchandise. For the t-shirt lovers, there are cool Overwatch themed t-shirts available online.


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