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Pulp Fiction Movie – A Recap

Quentin Tarantino is a master story teller. His love for violence, mob drama and dark comedy is apparent in all of his movies. Pulp Fiction is considered as one of the greatest movies in the world. Both written and directed by him. Pulp Fiction, a dark, gangster movie which is a sample of a great work in world of cinema. It not only makes you fall in love with the characters, it virtually transfers you into their world and inside their heads as well.  

There are many things that make Pulp Fiction a great movie. But in the end the great writing by Quentin Tarantino is stands out.

Here is a recap of one of the best and greatest movies in the world:

A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order."

This quote by Jean-Luc Godard is made for Pulp Fiction. It’s a great movie alright, but with its no-so-chronically arranged storyline it can get a bit confusing. Let’s start with the story in a chronically manner.

Jules and Vincent are the two gangsters going about their daily life. They are on their way to retrieve a briefcase for their boss Marsellus. At the destination they are confronted by drug dealers who are not happy to part with their possessions. There is a shootout (isn’t it obvious) and Jules and Vincent shoot two of the drug dealers. But not everything is as simple as it looks. The fourth guy comes out of the bathroom and starts shooting at them blindly. As luck would have it they both survive and this gives Jules a chance to reflect upon it and see it as a divine intervention.

As they are driving back to their boss, they start discussing how lucky they were to escape the shootout and they accidently shoot Marvin, their informer in the head in the car. Their boss Marsellus sends his problem Solver to clean up the mess. At a diner Jules tells Vincent that he wants to quit his job to live an honest life as he has already been spared his life earlier that day.  An interesting thing happens in the diner. Ringo and Yolanda, liquor store owners and crooks decide that if they robbed a bank or a diner it would be so more fun. But, their pan fails thanks to Jules and Vincent. Jules, influenced by his earlier escape and mixed feelings actually gives them their money and a life lesson.

At their boss’ place we see Marsellus talking to a boxer whose name is Butch, convincing him to fix his next match in exchange for money he will give him.

Now, Vincent has been assigned his next assignment: taking Marsellus' wife Mia out while he is away on business. He buys some heroin on his way and arrives doped. He takes Mia to a '50s diner where they enter a twist competition. When they return home, Mia accidently overdoses on Vincent’s heroine thinking it to be cocaine, while he is in the bathroom trying to convince himself that he is insane to be attracted to Mia. Vincent takes her to his drug dealer house where they revive her with a dramatic adrenaline shot to the heart.

Meanwhile, Butch totally forgets about his deal with Marsellus and is told that he killed the guy he was fighting last night. He decides to flee the town with his girlfriend. But she has forgotten his precious Watch and drives back to his apartment where he finds Vincent and shoots him. He meets Marsellus as he is driving and tries to run him over but crashes into another car. Marsellus is badly hurt and so is Butch. Marsellus chases him into a pawn shop where Butch is about to kill him but he is knocked unconscious by the pawn shop owner. They are both taken to the basement and tied. The Shop owner and his men decide to rape Marsellus first. Butch flees the spot but decides to return to save Marsellus. Butch saves him and Marsellus is ready to call it even as long as the former does not mention the rape and leave the town immediately and permanently.  


The roller coaster ride that the movie takes you on is the reason the movie is so popular and has inspired many t-shirt designs. The somewhat several different stories come together to give you a very thrilling storyline that’s stays with you for a long time. For the diehard fans it has always remained with them.


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