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Top 5 Videos Games of 2017 – A Must for Die Hard fans

The year 2017 has seen some of the most amazing video game releases. Some are new while others are from old franchise. Pokémon Go took the world on a roller coaster ride in 2016. It was a totally new, fresh and so engaging that some countries to impose strict restrictions, remember?

Every year you get to see new releases and with so many genres and styles to choose from you are definitely going to get confused on what to choose. This year some of the visually stunning video games were released. If you have been a fan of old gaming franchise like Mario and Legend of Zelda, then you have something new to look forward to this year. Video game giants like the Nintendo has ruled the gaming world for many years. With the advancement in the technology, the games had to include new features that have taken the gaming experience up a notch.

It is almost the end of the year and if for some reasons you haven’t already checked out these games, you can still catch up.

Here is the list of top 5 video games released this year:

  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This fresh release from Nintendo is a pure gold for the anime lovers as well gamers. If you have played The Legend Zelda game before you are still in for a surprise. The franchise surpassed itself with this new release this year. This action role-playing adventure video game will transport you to a different world. The technical advancement apart, the visuals itself are so stunning that will leave you breathless. Here you have link waking up from a long slumber into a different world. This game has already been termed as one of the greatest games of the decade. This open world video game lets you play Link in a more engaging manner: He can find and climb towers, travel at speed at high speed between the towers, ride wild horses, cook food, collect new advance weapons and perform challenging tasks and defeat monsters.

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This is for the lovers of racing games. This is again from the Nintendo Franchise and revives the old cart racing theme with much more sophistication. It’s visually stunning. Its extra features make it stand out from the other kart racing games. It comes with bigger tracks that can accommodate 12 races and vehicles. Now, you can defy gravity in this world and drive up the walls and ceilings and even soar through air. This game is for everyone for the new comers and the experienced ones. The game has five modes and eight (five new) battle-only maps. What is more your favorite character Mario is in here taking the game to the next level. If you enjoy kart racing games don’t give this one a miss. You will have plenty of fun and try out some new and exciting features as well.

  1. Persona 5

This is another great videos game series with a fresh installment released in 2017. It is a role playing, narrative style video game where characters get to live a life while pursuing adventure and detective skills. The best thing about Persona 5 is that it effectively and very tactfully deals with serious issues like abuse, injustice, bullying and other things that typical teenagers can face no matter where they are. The real world setting provides you with a natural and effortless narrative where you can choose to be a character and deal with problems like you would in real life. Like a student you will perform all the activities while using the free time to solve the mystery or case you are pursuing. For people who love narrative style games will find Persona 5 deeply influencing. Keeping up with its old franchise style, this version too has same aura and feel with the added bonus of course.

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

If you love role playing games set in fantasy world then you will not be disappointed with Horizon: Zero Dawn. This visually stunning, technologically advanced video game is a journey of a girl trying to trace her roots. There is no dearth of adventure, action, mystery, puzzles and excitement. This is one of the top rated video games of the year 2017. It is set in the post-apocalyptic land ruled by robotic like creatures known simply as "machines". Aloy, the heroine has to fight her way through hurdles using her skills and instinct. She is capable of setting traps like the tripwires, shooting enemies with arrows, explosives and spears. In this game you will find perfect mixture of old, traditional, modern and advanced weaponry and fighting styles.

  1. Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 is one of the top rated, science-fiction video game of 2017. Like Legend of Zelda, this game too has stunning visuals. The protagonist Kat has an unusual skill or power that she can manipulate gravity. She can travel whichever way she likes from top to bottom and vice-versa. She can go from left, right and anywhere she feels like. Although the storyline may seem a bit unsatisfactory, the action, adventure and the visual make up for these shortcomings.  The real fun is watching Kat rush from any direction she wants fighting social injustice and surprising people, who are on a lookout for her fearing when she will come crashing down on them.

For the serious gamers these are some of the best video games of 2017. There are many more such games to come as well. And, if playing the game is not enough you have the chance of wearing t-shirt designs based on your favorite character.


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