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Rebel Scum Star Wars T-shirt - Mash-up of the Iconic Sonic Youth Album "Goo" Cover

Whether you are a fan of original Star Wars trilogy or relatively new to the series, the Star War t-shirts are for everyone who loves anything that has to with the series. The super iconic Rebel Scum Star Wars t-shirt with a catchy tagline is one of the most popular star wars t-shirt designs. For all the die hard fans of the Star Wars series this illustration perfectly depicts the mood of the Rebel Alliance with rebel leader Princess Leia and somewhat cynical smuggler Han Solo featuring in it in their casual stance. It is a popular mash-up of the iconic cover photo of the rock album Goo of the Sonic Youth band.

Sonic Youth was the iconic rock band of the 1990's. They are one the earliest rock bands that set precedent for today's rock bands. It can be associated with the rebellious phase of the youth and loud, screaming music just echoes the sentiments of the youth of that time. Sonic Youth will forever be remembered for its iconic album Goo released in 1990 and for its equally iconic album cover inspired by the infamous "Moors Murder". The cover shows a man and woman in a car with the woman smoking and a tagline that says "I Stole My Sister's Boyfriend. It was all whirlwind, heat and flash. Within a week, we killed my parents and hit the road". The cover design is very popular and is one of the popular mash-up themes for the t-shirts. It was designed by the renowned artist Raymond Pettibon and the illustration is based on a paparazzi photo of Maureen Hindley and her first husband, David Smith, driving to the trial in 1966. They were witnesses in the Moore Murder.

Star Wars is such a huge franchise and with the release of new Star Wars movies starting in 2015 has got everyone excited all over again. In between the movie releases, the Star Wars t-shirts are always there to remind you of the space battle, The Force, the Sith and Rebels and everything related to it.

Much like the band and the album, the mash-up t-shirt design Rebel Scum describes the feel of something dare-devilish, dangerous, risky and adventurous. The original album cover illustration has been used for so many mash-up themes for t-shirts and you will find plenty of them on the internet. They are funny, entertaining and most of all brings a feeling of nostalgia. The Star Wars mash-up t-shirt shows the most beloved characters of the Star Wars series. The text "I stole my father's Death Star plans. It was all lasers, light sabers, droids and the force. Within a week he destroyed my planet and hit the road" is equally refreshing, funny and perfect for t-shirts. The comic book sketch design adds to the beauty and attraction of the t-shirt.

If you are a true Star Wars fan, this t-shirt should be one of your favorites. The Star Wars t-shirts are hugely popular around the world and this mash-up iconic design is perfect for fans who are crazy about witty lines and sarcastic humor.


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