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The Guardians of the Galaxy - A Team of Unconventional Space Heroes

The Guardians of the Galaxy was a successful superhero movie based on the popular Marvel comics of the same name. It created a huge buzz in 2014 and has a sequel in May 2017. It was the highest grossing superhero movie in 2014. It featured an ensemble cast with increasingly popular Chris Pratt in the lead, Zoe Saldana, former WWE Champion Dave Bautista and voices of Bradley Copper and Vin Diesel for two of the characters.

Much like the other Marvel superhero movies, The Guardians of The Galaxy is action packed with lots of special effects that will keep you glued to your seat. The story starts on Earth with the young Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) standing beside his dying mother, who is suffering from cancer. Just then a spaceship arrives and takes away Quill and so the story of space adventure begins. Twenty-something years later, we have a grown-up Quill who is a scavenger - a la treasure hunter. If the story or visuals remind you of Indiana Jones and Star Wars don’t be surprised. At some level the movie is a kind of a blend of these two successful franchises and the best thing is you will not be disappointed.

Now, our hero stumbles upon a mysterious orb as he is looking for treasures in a damp ruin. At first, he is not aware of what exactly it is and he tries to sell it. But, soon people are following him trying to steal the Orb thing from him. No superhero is alone in his adventure. The other heroes join him one by one - Gamora played by Zoe Saldana is a warrior prince with a green skin, then there is hulk like Drax played by Dave Bautista, then its Rocket which is a sardonic raccoon for which Bradley Cooper has lent is voice and the last one is a walking tree whose name is Groot and Vin Diesel has lent his voice to the character. Together, this uneasy team of odd heroes and a superhero try to save the universe from the villains who are after the powerful and destructive Orb. Space battles, spaceships, narrow escapes and resourcefulness of the team are some of the best things in the movie. Amidst all the action the movie also has many funny moments, which keeps the momentum going. It is all about freaks and geeks of space. It is a complete family blockbuster movie to be watched and enjoyed by everyone. The special effects are impressive and the visuals do take you on an adventurous ride in space. For people who love superhero stories, they will definitely fall for it.

Guardians of the Galaxy T-shirts

There is a growing fan base for this franchise and there is a new Guardian of the Galaxy movie in May 2017. Its merchandise is as popular as its get. T-shirts are one of the most popular merchandise and if you happen to be fan, a T-shirt with your favorite character from the movie like Groot, Quill, Gamora, or Drax on it will be perfect when you watch the movie.

Appetite for protection

Appetite for Protection

This classic animated print shows the 5 heroes together. The graphic representation of character perfectly shows their individuality like the Groot, which is a walking tree. The design simply jumps out of the contrasting backgrounds. The tagline “Appetite for Protection” perfectly depicts the Motto of these 5 space superheroes. The design does justice to the theme as well– space battle.

Galactic Babies

Galactic Babies

Is space battle getting to serious? Here is another cool Guardian of the Galaxy t-shirt based in the theme Galactic Babies. It perfectly diffuses the tension with humorous depiction of these lovable characters.

Groot Famous Quotes

Groot famous quotes

For all the fans of Groot, this cool t-shirt has the famous quotes by the character. The illustration is both impressive and animated for a perfect casual t-shirt design.


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