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Spider-Man – World’s favorite superhero

For Spiderman’s diehard fans the new movie Spiderman: The Homecoming is releasing in 2017. With all the excitement in the air, it is just the right moment to re-live the life of Peter Parker AKA your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Spiderman is one of the most beloved and commercially successful superheroes. With numerous movies, TV shows, animated movies, series, spin-offs, and comic strips, Spiderman has huge merchandise to its name. From costumes to toys to notebooks to bags to t-shirts, Spiderman is everywhere.  If you are a true Spiderman fan you cannot say no to some of the most amazing Spiderman themed t-shirt designs we have here at

Spiderman – An everyday superhero

Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Dikto. One of the main reasons why Spiderman struck a cord with the younger people especially the teenagers is that Peter Parker is real. You get to see Peter Parker every day. Perhaps you are one of them – accident prone, nerdy, anti-social, awkward, and bespectacled and cannot talk to girls. These are the traits that most teenagers and young adults usually have. They are constantly bullied and made to feel not worth anything. Simply put, they cannot compete with the Alphas, right? But, when the same shy, awkward teenager is bitten by a radioactive spider and overnight he gains superpower, you have the ultimate superhero. This is something everyone imagines – to posses secret powers that one knows, and to prove everyone wrong.

Until the radioactive spider bit him Peter Parker was your average teenager – busy with studies, homework, friends, and nerdy things. He lives with his elderly Aunt May and Uncle Ben after his parents die in an accident when he was just a baby. Peter Parker has great affinity to science and he is kind of genius in his own right.

Now, with the biting of the spider Peter Parker possess immense strength and agility that he never had. He can cling to almost any surface, jump from one building to another using his web that shoots from his wrist. Along with his newfound physical strength he is excited about his sharp sixth sense that warns him about danger and accidents before they actually happen. Equipped with his new power, he tries his luck in the wrestling ring, defeating the Crusher Hogan, one of the best fighters in the ring.

The Making of Superhero

Spiderman was not always inclined towards saving the world. He was more concerned about using his powers to earn some money (in a good way) and taking care of his elderly aunt and uncle. He once let a burglar pass whom he could have easily restrained. Later, he finds out that his Uncle Ben has been shot and killed by a burglar.  Filled with anger, Peter finds the culprit burglar only to discover that the burglar was the same one he let go the other day. Consumed with guilt and what his Uncle has once said “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, he decides to fight the evil in the city of New York, realizing for the first time that a great power has been given to him and he must put it into good use.

Now that Spiderman has decided what he has to do, he needs a new identity. With a new attractive red and blue costume and mask, the city has a new superhero, but the people see him as dangerous, and not the world-saving superhero he has imagined. To support his Aunt May he takes up a part time job as a photographer selling his own Spiderman photos doing some good in the world. This also helps in changing the perspective of the people in the city. Overnight, Spiderman becomes the new sensation. Now, he is fighting powerful thieves, gangsters, and megalomaniacs including the Chameleon, the Tinkerer, the Vulture (Adrian Toomes), Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), the Sandman, Doctor Doom, and Electro. Meanwhile, he is also dealing with typical teenager problems like his long time crush on Gwen Stacy and later Mary Jane. Spiderman continues to face new challenges and winning many hearts.

Spiderman – The New Movie

Seeing your favorite superhero swing his way to “webby” victory is what the diehard fans are waiting for. The new Spiderman movie - Spider-Man: Homecoming is releasing in July 2017. The movie is set seven months after Civil War. Peter Parker under the guidance of his mentor Tony Stark is finding it difficult to balance his life as a high school student and being a superhero. There is new villain in the horizon named Vulture. You can expect lot of action and drama in the new movie.

Spiderman is one superhero you cannot get enough of. With the popular merchandise like T-shirts fans are never tired of showing their support and love for this superhero. From children to adults, the comics and movies have both entertained and thrilled the masses over the years.


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