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Strangers Things – A Spooky Sci-fi Horror Story

With more than 95% of positive reviews in Rotten Tomatoes and average rating of nine, Stanger Things is the ultimate sci-fi horror series you have been waiting for. Do not miss it if you are a fan of Stephen King and his thrilling stories, this is the series to watch out for.

The first season of Stranger Things spooked everyone enough to make them eagerly wait for the second season. It is a web series aired on Netflix and this series will return this year again.

The story in Brief….

Set in 1983, in a fictional town of Hawkins the series brings about nostalgia of the 1980’s.  There is a secretive US Department of Energy laboratory in the town from where an unseen creature escapes and at the same time a 12 year old boy, Will Byers, disappears after encountering the creature on his way home. A girl named Eleven escapes from a hospital/laboratory ward and who happens to possess psychokinesis powers. Will’s mother and brother are looking for him and so are his friends and the whole town gets involved in the search soon enough.

Will’s friends Lucas, Mike, and Dustin find Eleven in the woods while they are looking for Will and bring her home. She assists them in finding Will. Meanwhile, Will’s mother Joyce encounters paranormal activities at her home including something oozing from the wall and hearing Will’s voice. She can feel Will trying to contact with her. Later, Will’s friends conclude that he is stuck in an alternate dimension. They come to know about the faceless creature while they are looking for him. They make a plan with Eleven and eventually find Will in the Upside Down alternate dimension world and rescue him. While confronting the monster Eleven vanishes and eventually Will is returned to his family. Everything seems to back to normal until Will coughs up a slug like creature, which he hides from the rest of the people.

Memorable Major Characters

What bring Stanger Things alive are the characters. The major characters are involved in different action yet they are bound in the some way to each other. 

  • Joyce Byers: Joyce Byers is a distressed mother who is desperately looking or her son Will. She is divorced from Lonnie, another character and lives with her two sons Will and Jonathan. Although not directly involved in finding his son, she finds a way to communicate with Will and does not believe that he is dead when shown a fake body.
  • Will Byers – He is abducted by a monster and taken into an alternate dimension in the first episode itself. The slug like creature coming out of his mouth at the end has piqued the interest of the viewers as to what the mystery is.
  • Eleven: She is a major character in the first season and will be featured in the second as well. She is born with many psychokinetic powers and was basically kidnapped at birth and raised and experimented on in the Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Lucas, Mike, and Dustin – They are the friends of Will who find Eleven in the woods while looking for Will and rescue her. They work together to solve the mystery of Will’s disappearance.
  • Jonathan Byers: He is the older brother of Will. Like everyone else he to does his part to find Will. In the process, he accidently takes picture of the monster, which later help them to find Will.
  • Nancy Wheeler: She is one of the main characters and gets involved with the search after her best friend Barb goes missing. She helps Jonathan in the search.

The Series Success

The series has successfully combined the elements of mystery, science fiction, suspense and horror. The 1980’s setting is perfectly depicted in the series with kids using the walkie-talkie and riding bikes in the neighborhood. The series has also included the essence of the popular movies of the era like E.T and the Poltergeist. The 1980’s were considered a disastrous era for fashion.  You will find the whole setting a revisit to the bygone era made interesting and real like with the hairstyle, clothes and music.

The whole series was well received by both the critics and viewers. The storyline does not simply rely on the horror and suspense. It shows the love, friendship and bond and the typical teenage problems and aspiration. The series has inspired t-shirt designs with animated depiction of many characters. The series has been renewed for the second season and the fans are eagerly awaiting it.

Stanger Things is the ultimate desert for the Sci-fi and horror genres lovers. You will surely not be disappointed with it.


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