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Tokyo Ghoul – An Endearing Ghoulish–Human Story

Tokyo Ghoul is an adventurous story of a human turned Ghoul. You may find some similarities with the popular vampire themed Twilight series. But the stories are not too similar except for the human turned so called monster that is forced to prey on humans.

Tokyo Ghoul is originally a Japanese dark fantasy manga series by Sui Ishida. The manga series has been turned into a 12 part anime series with prequel and sequels. The anime and the manga series both have earned huge popularity and inspired many merchandise such as our t-shirts. Now the full live-action version of the Tokyo Ghoul is set to release in July 2017.

Japanese anime lovers are head over heels for the series and are really excited about its next release.

The Story ……

The story takes place in an alternate reality where ghouls live with humans who are blissfully unaware of their presence. Even though Tokyo Ghoul is a horror-fantasy anime series it has a pretty good story line, which has made fans glued to it for so long.

The story is about a Ken Kaneki, a shy and reserved college student who has a huge crush on this girl Rize Kamishiro. He had liked her for a really long time now and planned to ask her out. They both share the love of books. The beautiful girl agrees to go on date, but Kaneki is unaware of the fact that Rize is a ghoul, - an entity that survives on human flesh. The dinner date is about to turn out ugly for Kaneki, but thanks to the I-beams on the construction sites that fall on Kize, he survives both the ghoul attack and the accident.

Kaneki finds himself in a hospital after the accident. Unfortunately, Kize did not survive. The turning point in the storyline comes when Kaneki realizes he has turned into a ghoul himself after Kize’s parts are transplanted into his body. Now he is a half-human, half ghoul being.

Kaneki is thrown into a world of ghouls and he has much to learn. His struggle is intensely human and early on you are introduced to many characters that will make for interesting plots later on. He learns the ways of the ghouls and how to survive while he gradually comes to terms with his new identity. Kaneki’s journey throughout is the most touching part of the series.

Tokyo Ghoul brings together two worlds

Tokyo Ghoul is not exactly a story of your world vs our world. It shows how people with totally opposite lifestyles – one is killer other is prey – can still live together. Yes, ghouls survive on human flesh, but not all ghouls are bad and not all of them have to kill humans to survive.

The series perfectly depicts the struggle of Kaneki as he tries to come into terms with his new identity. He cannot accept just yet that he is a half ghoul and has to live like them to survive. He tries eating human food but immediately throws up as ghouls cannot eat such food. He has to hide his identity from the world. Then he has to get used to the world of ghouls. It is a tough deal for him.

The Interesting world of Ghouls

Ghouls are not all bad. They do exist among the humans acting perfectly like humans giving way nothing. The series also shows the world of other ghouls and how they live their day to day life. One of the key features of the series is the coffee shop called Anteiku – a haunt for the good ghouls.

The only thing that a ghoul can consume like the human is coffee (Biggby Coffee?) and that is why the coffee shop becomes their favorite hangout. The employees and patrons of the coffee shop are the ghouls who do not kill humans. They feed upon human flesh of only those who have committed suicide or died some way. And, like any other human beings they too have families and are not totally devoid of emotions.

There is another interesting feature of the ghouls. They have these wing-like organs that come from the back of the ghouls. It allows them to defend themselves. The fight scenes in the anime series have been meticulously designed and shot and bring out the best of artistic and creative skills of the creators.  There is also gore and blood in excess. There are a lot of actions with interesting fights between the ghouls. For people who love action anime series, Tokyo Ghoul has plenty of them.


Tokyo Ghoul is your action filled anime that is oddly human. Since its inception in the manga series as well anime series, it has gathered a huge fan following. The live-action movie is much awaited and will surely inspire some new gothic style t-shirt designs.


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