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The Walking Dead - The Ultimate Story of Survival of the Human Race in a Post Apocalypse World

The Walking Dead is the ultimate story of survival of humans in a Post-Apocalypse world. Here humans are facing threat not just from the cannibalistic zombies but from fellow humans as well. This critically acclaimed Comic series and TV series is as popular as its gets. From the pages of comic books to the TV screen, The Walking Dead has earned praises and fans all over the world. Both the Comic Book Series and the TV Series has a huge fan following and some of the favorite characters and quotes can be seen on our Tees.

For the people who are wondering what The Walking Dead is all about, here is a highlight of the series: The series starts with one of the main characters Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to find the world in a terrifying state. The humans are no longer humans – they are dead and walking on the face of the earth. The dead have risen and are feeding off the living, spreading an epidemic Zombie apocalypse across the nation. Rick Grimes becomes the leader of the only few survivors in Atlanta, Georgia and must find his wife and son. The series highlights the life of different survivor groups. Each group is trying to survive the zombie attack as well the opposing survivor groups to stay alive and keep their supplies.

The Walking Dead series is the ultimate zombie drama with all the gore, action, tension and intensity you usually expect from such a popular show. There have been many Zombie movies and series, but what sets The Walking Dead apart from them are the characters and the brilliant story line that perfectly highlights what it is or will be like to live in a world threatened by the existence of the undead. Soon the survivors learn that there is no cure for such an epidemic and the only way to kill the infected is to cremate them or damage their brains completely. Every living human being contains the pathogen that will convert the dead person into Zombie automatically. This world is a highly dangerous place to live in.

Negan Lucille fallout boy

The series is not without some its favorite characters and Negan definitely stands out from the rest even though is he the most savage, brutal, and ruthless antagonist you may have seen so far in any television series. He is cruel to a great extent, but he is also highly intelligent, charismatic, manipulative, and has a very sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humor. This complexity of the character makes it one of the best in the series. He is always seen with his favorite weapon, a baseball bat with barb wire wrapped around it. He has a name for it - Lucile after his wife who is dead now. He is very fond of it and seems very close to it. He is often seen talking to it as if it were a person and even getting mad when someone shoots at him and Lucile gets hit instead. The story behind the Lucile is revealed later. Like the main protagonist Rick Grimes, Negan too was in the hospital when the epidemic broke out and during this time his wife dies of cancer and her name was Lucile. It is a very powerful weapon for Negan. He uses it to make a point by thrashing a person's head. He uses violence to terrify people, to dominate and to establish his authority. He uses terror to control and take over different survivor groups. Brutal though, Negan has the leadership skill and ability needed to survive in this equally brutal world. You also get to see the humane side of him from time to time though. He cares about his group and is willing to forget his unique code of ethics and core nature when he feels the need.

Negan is one character in the entire series that is liked despite the dark portrayal. The real character of Negan was inspired by none other than Henry Rollins, known for his tattoos and muscles. The Negan character can do anything to survive. He even has a weird kind of code of ethics like when he kills one of the members of his group Saviors for trying to rape a helpless woman. Sexual violence repulses him and he has very strict rules in his group. He has the same attitude towards weakness. He spares one of the characters Daryl's life when he sees courage and strength. But, on the other hand he has a harem full of women who were girlfriends and wives of other men, but now they are his wives. He seems not to see irony or hypocrisy in it. He even says that these women willingly live with him and can leave whenever they want. If it sounds like Negan is one hell of a character to understand, then that is exactly what he is. He is like the two face of the same coin showing compassion and brutality at the same time. And, he is also brutally honest.

big savior negan lucille

Negan shows the grim side of the world that has gone wild. When there is a chaos humanity, reasoning and law takes a backseat. It is all about survival. While some may remain true to their ethics and true self, others make the best of what they have. Negan may be driven by the loss of his wife and thinks violence is the only way to control and bring in some order in this mayhem, but he takes the world for what it is now. Negan and his weapon Lucile are definitely an important highlight of the series.

If you are fan of The Walking Dead, you cannot ignore Negan and of course his formidable weapon Lucile. He is also one the characters most requested on T-shirts. You can check them out here


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