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X-Men – Powerful Team of Mutants

X-Men are the one of the most popular team of superheroes in the Marvel world created by Stan Lee. The movie with the same name is also a part of movie franchise and highest grossing movie in the world. X-Men are widely popular and have been featured in many movies, games, TV shows and comic books.

Through the decades the X-Men comic books have entertained several generations and with the regular live action movie releases the popularity of the series has only increased.

X-Men – The Origin                                                                      

X-Men are the brainchild of the one of the most powerful mutants of all time - Charles Xavier. He has the ability to read minds and even manipulate other’s minds to make them do things he wants. He is a genius with strong telepathy powers. Being a mutant himself he realized the difficulty of the mutants who find it hard to live a normal life in the bigot society.

Believing that the mutants can be used for the greater good and change the perception of the society once they knew them, he founded the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. After completing his education and getting a PhD in Genetics, Biophysics, and Psychology, he was soon approached by the CIA to help them capture a rogue Mutant called Shaw. Here Charles Xavier for the first time learned that there more mutants than he thought scattered all over the world.

His motto now became to bring together the mutants and help them control their powers and use them for greater good. The X-Men members pledge to fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants in the world.

But, there are some like Magneto who do not believe in such peaceful existence and want the mutants to rule the world instead.

X-men – The genius

Charles Xavier is perhaps the most powerful man on the earth with an extremely powerful gift – telepathy. He fights for the good and in the process even loses his leg when a deflected bullet hits Xavier in the spine. But, that does not stop him from pursuing his goal and dream.

Charles Xavier and Lehnsherr, another mutant, travel the world in search of new mutants. Their sole purpose is to discover and recruit the mutants. The first of the mutants who agree to be part of his institution are the exotic dancer Angel Salvadore (Tempest); taxi driver Armando Muñoz (Darwin); Army prisoner Alex Summers (Havok); and Sean Cassidy (Banshee).  They also approach Logan who was then known as the "Jimmy" Howlett. But the Wolverine very rudely and indecently rebuffs them. Later, he joins the mutant’s team though.

Throughout the series the X-Men has recruited various mutants some of which are very popular characters like Logan played by Hugh Jackman and Raven played by Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix). The fans can expect more action, adventure and suspense in the future releases.

X-Men team, the ever popular Marvel comic books and movies and has inspired many T-shirt designs as well along with other merchandise.


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