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Star Wars Droids – A Symbol of Artificial Intelligence

It has already been predicted that machines will take over humans in the next 100 years and may even become human beings equal as far as intelligence goes. They will be far better at scientific discoveries as they do not have needs like humans do. In short, scientific progress will be fast forwarded by several years.

This very thing was represented in George Lucas movie Star Wars the original trilogy in 1977. The droids were the kind of artificial intelligence that humans want to build today.

In the movie Star Wars, the droids were the robots or the automatons created to serve humans for various purposes including security. They have existed with humans and come in various shapes and sizes. Although not equal to humans in many ways, they were at some point regarded as dangerous. In the galactic societies, they have exited to assist and perform tasks that required extensive knowledge and intelligence. They often took part in tasks that were highly dangerous like fighting in the war and flying a spaceship.

Droids through the Ages

Droids have existed throughout the millennia and took an active part in galactic battles especially during the clone wars. They were earlier developed to assist the galactic lords in various tasks and they gradually developed into modern droids which are more human like as far as the intelligence is considered. Most of the droids have restrictions hard-coded into their system that prevent them from harming humans in any with the exception of security guards.

Droids come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some even resembled the body structure of humans with arms and legs and a head. They could even walks like humans. They were built in masses and are classified on the basis of their tasks and kind of service they render.

First class droids

Droids in this category were highly skilled in higher branches of science like physics, mathematics, and medicines. Droids like the JN-66 analysis droid, the 2-1B surgical droid, the DD-13 tripedal medical droid, and the GH-7 medical droid fall into this category.

Second class droids

Droids of this category were created to assist humans in engineering and technical science fields.  WED-15 Septoid Treadwell droids are the best example of the second class droids.

Third class droids

The third class droids were used for the social sciences and services and nothing advanced was assigned to them. BD-3000 luxury droids fall under this category.

Fourth class droid

This category of droids was used for security and military functions. The KX-series security droid and the B1 battle droid fall under this category.

Fifth class droids

The fifth class droids were assigned the menial work like fetching things of the master like an assistant and nothing advanced was assigned to them.


Popular droids

All the Star Wars movies and its spin-offs have droids. But, some droids are more popular than the others. Who can forget the evergreen R2-D2 and C-3PO and their constant bickering and bonding? For more than 40 years they have been the favorite of fans around the world have inspired a plethora of merchandise including t-shirt designs. They played significant roles during the clone wars and will be seen in the upcoming star war movies as well.

Droids are one of the best creations of George Lucas in the Star Wars world and he holds trademark on the word Droid. Star Wars movies will probably be less attractive without these droids, don’t you think?


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